7 Ways to Impress Your Valued Customers!

Valued Customers

You have always been the type of business owner who wants to go above and beyond for your loyal customers. Not only does it help you to build a positive reputation for your brand, but it also brings in more revenue for your business.

Finding ways to impress your valued customers is something you’re very interested in doing, and there are numerous methods that can help you maintain strong relationships with your clients.

Whether you’re trying to fulfill customer orders faster, or respond to their questions in a more personal manner, there are so many different small, but effective touches you can make. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to put behind these strategies, there are an array of inexpensive methods for you to try out for yourself.

Consider some of the strategies below and you will soon have a whole host of happy, loyal and impressed customers who recommend you to their friends and always come back for more of your incredible products or services!

1. Offer a Personal Approach

If you are able to use a first name or adopt a personalized approach to the way you work with your clients, this is a surefire way to bring a smile to their faces instantly. Make sure you do a little bit of research into their background if you’re about to have a one on one appointment or phone call with them, as this will make them feel valued.

Putting a little extra effort in and offering a personal approach will always be impressive to old or new customers.

2. Keep Their Details On Hand

When you are able to talk with a customer about their history or something that interests them, you will make the entire experience much more special to them. Everyone wants to feel like a valued customer, so you may want to find a way to keep their details on hand. With BuildOps field service management software you can have all of your customer details organized and you can access their history with a simple click of a button.

Whether you need to find out the exact product type they previously purchased or you need to know their exact skill sets, you can support them in the best possible way by keeping their details in a simple and easy to access space.

3. Deliver on Your Promises

If you tell a customer or client that you’re going to do something, it is so important that you follow through. Delivering on your promises is so important especially in a world where trust for businesses is at an all time low. Don’t oversell and always try to overdeliver so that expectations are always managed effectively.

4. Be Sincere When You Communicate With Them

Try not to see communications with your customers as a box ticking exercise; they want to feel heard, understood and valued as much as you do. Spend a little extra time being sincere with them and try to empathize with them if they are experiencing any problems. Offering a kind and friendly attitude with any of your customers will always put you on the front foot if you’re trying to impress them.

5. Answer Questions and Queries Quickly

It is so important to answer any questions or queries in a prompt fashion as this will help your business to look professional from the very beginning. There is nothing more off putting to customers than waiting weeks and weeks for a simple reply, so try not to put these types of communications off. If a task can be done in five minutes, try to do it right away.

This means that you will never have an unnecessary backlog of queries to answer, and your customer always feels like a priority to you. Even if the response doesn’t turn out to be a profitable sale for your business, it will mean that your brand reputation is still upheld.

6. Put Customer Service First

When you choose to put customer service first, you are automatically giving your potential clients a reason to value your brand and recommend you to other people. Customer service is something that is often pushed to the wayside especially in the modern day.

There is nothing more special than being spoken to by a real human being, rather than an automated message or chat box on your website. You need to show your customers that you truly care so that they always feel in safe hands when they’re working with you.

7. Ask Them Questions and Make Improvements

One of the best ways to communicate with your customers is to ask genuine questions and see how you could do a better job for them in the future. Customer surveys are extremely effective as it allows you to see what you have done that was successful and what could be better next time.

You may want to get some of your most valued customers on the phone so that they can talk through every step of the customer journey and see what worked well for them. When you take this type of approach it means that every aspect of your business can be improved so that you are always impressing your old and new customers.

As you can see, there are so many different strategies to help your customers feel valued and important. Even when you’re running a busy and hectic business, you always need to make time for other people and help them to feel as special as possible.

Whether you’re getting to know them on a deeper level or you’re trying to respond to them in a rapid manner, there are numerous effective ways to help you build long-lasting relationships with the customers who love your brand.

See how you can incorporate these strategies into your day to day business and measure their success as time goes by. You will quickly realize which strategies are the most effective for your target audience so you can stick with the most successful ones in the future.

Valued Customers article and permission to publish here provided as contributed content. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 18, 2023.

Cover photo by Andrea Piacquadio at pexels.com.