What is the Value of Customer Loyalty?

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Unchaining Change Leadership

My entire career, I’ve believed that it is easier to get more business from existing customers than to develop new ones. That’s not to say you don’t want new customers, but given the effort and expense involved, trusted relationships and customer loyalty tend to win out over unknowns. 

Yet, when we think about digital transformation, the topic of customer loyalty is typically an unmentioned benefit and nowhere to be found in the ROI rationale.

Why is that? 

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Create a Customer-Centric Supply Chain!

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Unchaining Change Leadership

In these unusual circumstances, it has never been more fitting to consider the value of customer loyalty and a customer-centric Supply Chain.  Not only has COVID-19 impacted a company’s ability to provide adequate or exemplary customer service levels, but those bound to legacy systems built around silos have found it particularly difficult to quickly respond and adapt. 

In a time characterized by chaos and uncertainty, competitive differentiation will be defined by speed, consistency, reliability, and trust. In a practical sense, that means shifting from reactive to proactive, customer-centric supply chains.

For those relying on fragmented processes, an integrated solution is faster and simpler than you think.

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