6 Things to Know About the Microsoft Gold Partner Program!

Microsoft Gold Partner Program

Businesses need all the digital support they can get. With small or huge teams working on various tasks, software solutions that will make things happen are essential. Without the right digital programs, no company will be able to make significant success and progress.

Microsoft has been known for decades as the leading or one of the leading digital solutions out there. Today, their Microsoft gold partner program is what makes companies move in the right direction without worrying that something will go wrong. Having Microsoft on your side is like flying with a veteran pilot.

If you’re thinking about becoming a certified Microsoft partner, you should get off the fence and make the right decision. If you’re not sure about it, we’re here to show you six things why this is the best solution. Keep reading to find out why.

1. What is the Microsoft Gold Partner Program?

The golden partner program, or golden certification, is the top partnership your company and Microsoft can achieve. When you apply and get awarded, your business can enjoy multiple benefits from becoming a member.

From tech support to updates to backups, Microsoft takes care of everything you might need in a software sense. You probably already know who Microsoft is and what they are capable of, so you know you can benefit significantly from it. They provide anything you think of, so apply and enjoy digital freedom.

2. This program keeps you updated at all times

When you apply and become a member, you can expect to be updated at all times. Unlike before, the software is now being updated regularly. Programs get new patches almost every month. Your employees will always work without problems, and you’ll never experience trouble as a business.

Regular updates are crucial for protecting your business against hackers, too. Using the gold partner program means you’re always on top of the situation, and you should never worry about being attacked. With trillions of damages from hackers yearly and more than 200 million in damages per attack, spending a little on security is a smart thing to do.

3. Gold partners work with the highest standards possible

When you have all your software and programs run simultaneously, and without issues, you can expect your workers to get the job done flawlessly. Microsoft is a worldwide leader in technology and innovation, following all the latest standards.

All this tells you that the wheels inside the company will move constantly, allowing everyone to perform under the highest standards possible. You’ll always have tasks finished without delays and projects done without problems.

4. Direct connection to Microsoft HQ

One of the best things when you are a gold member is that you have a direct link with the Microsoft HQ. You get information about their programs before anyone else, you can constantly ask questions about what you want to know, and you’re in the top 1% of businesses getting this opportunity.

Microsoft is the leading tech company in the world, along with no more than three other companies. Everything that happens in the tech world, you will be the first to know. That gives you a tremendous advantage against your competitors.

5. Gold partners enjoy flawless working culture

Being part of the gold program gives you access to the entire suite of Microsoft apps and software. Your company can enjoy everything from Microsoft 365 working environment to backup solutions to OS features.

This enhances the working culture within the company. You will see your employees happy doing their jobs, and if your employees are happy and productive, you can be sure that the projects will also flow perfectly. With such an attitude towards the work, your clients will also be as happy as possible.

6. This solution offers 24/7 support

How many times have you struggled with a software issue and you had no one out there to help you? When you become a gold member of the Microsoft program, you can expect 24/7 support and solutions for all your problems.

Since you’re a Microsoft certified partner, you already use all their software solutions, which also means their professional team will solve anything within seconds without any struggle. They know exactly how everything inside your network works, and they will get things going in no time. Call them and see how fast they resolve the problem.


These few points show you how amazing being a Microsoft Gold member is. The gold partner program is a gateway to the endless world of Microsoft software solutions and provides an unlimited resource of ideas to do a better job with your company team.

Apply for it and expect nothing less than perfection. Everyone will quickly get used to the new programs, and once they do, you will quickly raise the level of productivity to unbelievable levels.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Petar Bekarovski. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on July 24, 2023.

Cover image by efes from Pixabay

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