Why Good Logistics Must Be at the Heart of All Supply Chains!

Good Logistics

Whether it’s a supply chain or a supply web, the logistics and transport your business has in place will determine whether your supply chain is a hindrance or a help. All businesses need to get supplies and raw materials in and ensure that their products are delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This article details, in brief, some of the most pertinent considerations for a good logistics solution that will work for your business.

The Supply Chain has become a bit of a web

Not only due to the fact that you will source most of your supplies on the internet or the world wide web, but because the process of supplying any business needs and business procurement can be quite a tricky process and one that will (in the modern era) involve a lot more than a simple linear chain.

For many, it may even be that their supply chain is web-based, making it even more of an interconnected and complicated web.

The modern Supply Chain and professional Logistics

The ability to move goods, raw materials, people, and knowledge are all part of the modern supply chain or web. It is thus paramount that before you make a single product or start offering your services, you have a clear idea as to how you intend to get these to your customers and clients.

Outsourced Logistics

The transport process and business is highly competitive, and as such, it is always recommended to first look for those that have the experience and existing networks to be able to manage your business transport needs. There are, however, certain aspects of this process that you need to be aware of:

Your brand is paramount: A holistic business is not just nice to have but will be essential if you are to become a success. This means that your brand should be understood and respected by all those who are involved and represent your business. This definitely includes those delivering your goods and services to the customer. 

Insurances and risk: Things go wrong, and therefore you should never let a consignment leave your premises without having the requisite insurance and risk cover.

On-site requirements

Having the aforementioned outsourced transport solution in place is only a part of your overall logistics and supply web processes. Your business needs to consider the on-site requirements and how your goods are stored and moved internally.

Offloading and loading should be as efficient as possible, and whether you opt for professional and trusted forklift hire or ensure that the transport company or firm used is able to do this, on-site logistics must be a serious consideration and form part of your logistics and transport budget.

This has been a brief but important discussion of some of the most important aspects of modern business and good logistics. There is no point in being able to market and sell your wares on the web without then having the ability to get these goods to the very people that want them in their best condition and as soon as they want them.

Good Logistics article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on March 14, 2023.