The Benefits of Channel Letter Signs!

Channel Letter Sign

Signage does far more than simply advertise your business name—the sign’s style and color can say a lot about your brand, and it’s also a reason why businesses are going with channel letter signs.

The three-dimensional design helps channel letters stand out from other types of business signage. Mounted on exterior building walls, channel letters and numbers easily identify your business.

Along with making your business easily identifiable, there are other benefits associated with using channel letters. Let’s take a closer look at some of them and see why channel letter signs are a great option for showcasing the name of your business. 

Key Benefits of Using Channel Letters

Improve Energy Efficiency

Channel letters and numbers are surprisingly energy efficient, especially when the signage is combined with LED lighting. LED lights use significantly less energy than traditional lighting products. LEDs also have a long lifespan, so you don’t need to worry about frequently changing burned-out bulbs.

Not having to replace the sign’s bulbs every few weeks or so also translates to additional savings. Best of all, your sign will stay brightly illuminated, ensuring customers can easily find your business.

Long Lasting Signage

Remember how your business sign can affect how customers view your brand? The last thing you want is a sign that looks a little worse for wear. Thankfully, channel letters and numbers are made from lightweight and durable aluminum, and the signage is rust-proof and resistant to sun, rain, heat, and snow damage.

If something does happen to your channel letters, the sign is easy and inexpensive to repair. In comparison, it can take weeks to repair a broken neon sign.

Easily Customizable

You don’t want your business signage to look like everyone else. Your sign can easily get lost among the competitors. With channel letters, you can choose almost any shape, size, and style. You also have amazing color options. Since aluminum is rust-proof, your sign will look great regardless of the weather.

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability and other green practices are aspects consumers look for and expect in a brand they choose to do business with. Using channel letter signs is a good way to show your commitment to the environment.

Not only is aluminum a recyclable material, but it can also last for years, which means your business produces less waste over the long term. Using channel letters instead of other types of signage is a great way to advertise your business and your brand’s eco-friendly practices.

Save on Marketing Costs and Boost Brand Visibility

Even small channel letters are difficult to miss, even at a distance. The bright LED lights ensure everyone knows your business name and location. Since you can easily customize the letter style, size, and color, you can create a unique look for your brand.

Even though you are probably running an email and social media marketing campaign, channel letter signs are another way of advertising your business. Best of all, the signage is relatively inexpensive and can last for years, unlike some other types of marketing strategies.

What Type of Lighting Is Best For Your Channel Letter Sign

Okay, so you know you are going with energy-efficient LED lighting. However, you also have options on how you light up your channel letter sign. Do you want the sign lit up 24 hours a day throughout the week or only at night? Or maybe you only want to advertise during business hours.

You will also need to choose between front-lit, reverse-lit, or open-face channel letters. So, what’s the difference between the three options?

  • Front-lit channel letters are the most common, and this is often considered the traditional method. The letters and numbers are covered with either a colored or transparent acrylic and have an aluminum backing.
  • Reverse-lit channel letters are just what you expect. This type of channel letter is backlit. With the lights and the transparent acrylic on the letters’ backs, the sign looks like it is glowing on the side. This lighting effect is a great way to ensure everyone notices your sign.
  • Open-face channel letters leave the letter exposed. If you want a unique business sign, this is a great option.

Something to consider before choosing an open-face channel letter design is local lighting ordinances. Some communities have laws regarding light pollution, which can apply to some types of business signage, including open-face channel letters.

Make Your Business Stand Out with Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are more than a passing trend—the benefits associated with channel letters are making the signs a popular choice for businesses looking for new and inexpensive ways to advertise their brands.

Long-lasting, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly are only some of the benefits your business gets when you decide to install channel letter signs.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Susan Melony. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on November 24, 2023. 

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