What are Commercial Vehicle Inspections?

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Commercial vehicle inspections are integral to our daily lives. This class includes various sizes and shapes of vehicles, including delivery vans, heavy haul trucks and flat deck trucks. Many businesses are built around vehicle fleets, and so many others rely on them to conduct a large portion of their services, including transportation. 

In fact, according to this survey from Statista, about one-quarter of the vehicles in use were commercial vehicles between the years 2006 and 2015. Unlike passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles are often held to a higher standard that is enforced by municipal or provincial governments.

This is the basis for commercial vehicle inspections.

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What to Do in an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle!

Getting into a collision with a commercial vehicle like a semi or big rig can be a terrifying experience. Small personal cars scarcely stand a chance against the massive trucks that can weigh 80,000 lbs or more when loaded to capacity. Before you think about calling a lawyer for truck accidents you will need to handle the immediate aftermath of the event. 

As you sit there trying to process the reality of situation, your first instinct is to check for the safety of the other passengers in the car and think of getting help. The most critical thing to do next is stay calm, breathe deeply, and think about how to get out of the car without aggravating your injuries.

Make a conscious effort to fight the rising panic and follow these steps. Ideally this has been covered in your Commercial trucker training.

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