5 Impacts of Autonomous Trucking on Supply Chain!

The flying car of the future might still be out of reach, but autonomous trucking is moving quickly into view for many businesses. Trucks manned by technology, with no human drivers, are currently being tested around the globe.

Companies have a vested interest in exploring how an autonomous fleet can help their business in the not-so-distant future. Reductions in costs and simplification of processes are some of the many benefits we’ll discuss.

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Automated Vehicles – An Update!

Though field testing for automated vehicles has been relatively successful some hurdles to full implementation remain.

Namely, consumer acceptance and comfort in riding in these vehicles. Also, alarming is the idea of an 80,000 lb commercial tractor-trailer rolling down the interstate on autopilot.

Additional concerns include who will be servicing these vehicles and the threat of domestic terrorism by system hacking. 

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