Specialized Heavy Haul Trucking: Moving Oversized Farm Equipment!

Farm Equipment

Farm equipment movers specializing in heavy haul trucking use customized flatbeds, RGNs, and double drops along with reinforced trucks to transport enormous agricultural machinery standard  trucking cannot.

For farmers, these niche heavy haulers are essential for shipping oversized tractors, balers, combines, and other massive equipment.        

Standard trucking companies handle normal freight but not the huge, oddly-shaped apparatus farmers rely on. Heavy haul farm equipment movers make it possible through specialized trailers maximizing clearance and impact resistance. Detachable goosenecks on RGNs simplify loading and unloading tall equipment. Double drop trailers have upper and lower decks for voluminous cargo.    

Using customized flatbeds, RGNs, double drops and heavy-duty trucks, farm equipment movers ship outsized tractors, combines and other critical apparatus typical trucking cannot move.

These niche heavy haulers meet agricultural producers’ challenging transportation needs for gargantuan equipment. For anything but the most oversized farm machinery, standard trucking suffices. But for the truly massive equipment, specialized farm equipment movers are essential. 

If you want to discover what kind of highly specialized and customized trailers can transport the enormous agricultural equipment vital to farmers, keep reading to learn all about flatbed haulers, RGNs and double drop trailers.

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Flatbed Haulers 

Flatbed haulers are essential for farm equipment movers to transport massive agricultural machinery like tractors, combines, balers, and more. These adjustable flatbed trailers can raise and lower their deck height for easier loading and unloading of bulky, heavy farm equipment. Flatbed haulers feature thick, reinforced steel frames and decks capable of handling up to 100,000 lbs or more of cargo weight.

Hydraulic liftgates, ramps or “beavertail” extensions at the rear of flatbed haulers facilitate winching and dragging enormous equipment onto their decks. Once the cargo is loaded, the deck height is lowered to secure the equipment in place for transportation. Some flatbed haulers have detachable side kits that can be added or removed to accommodate different sizes of equipment. Stake pockets lining the sides and rear of flatbeds allow for tie-downs to firmly secure machinery during transit.  

For farm equipment movers, flatbed haulers ranging from 40 to 100 feet in length provide the necessary space for loaded equipment, in addition to room for ramps and liftgates used in the loading process. Loaded lowboys can reach 15 to 20 feet in height, so additional caution is required when passing under bridges, power lines and in high winds. Air-ride suspension is installed on many flatbed haulers to give a smooth ride over long distances while transporting sensitive farm equipment.  

With their spacious, adjustable decks, heavy-duty construction, built-in ramps and capacity for massive weights, flatbed haulers are uniquely suited for moving the bulkiest agricultural equipment. For farmers and ranchers, flatbed haulers are essential for shipping vital machinery from place to place and ensuring it remains fully operational when it reaches its destination.

These specialized heavy-haul trailers make it possible to move essential farming equipment that typical trucking could not transport.

Removable Gooseneck Trailers or RGNs 

Removable Gooseneck or RGN trailers are vital for rgn trucking companies transporting enormous farm equipment with extreme heights that will not fit on standard flatbeds. RGNs feature a detachable front section or “gooseneck” that connects to the trailer body using kingpins. By detaching the gooseneck, farm equipment movers have full access to load and unload tall machinery from the front.

Once equipment is loaded, the gooseneck is reattached to safely transport the cargo. RGNs can accommodate farm equipment up to 30 feet or more in height thanks to their detachable goosenecks. These specialized heavy haul trailers come in multiple lengths, ranging from 40 up to 100 feet to suit different equipment sizes. RGNs handle a minimum of 50,000 lbs and some are rated for up to 150,000 lbs of cargo for transporting massive equipment. 

For rgn trucking companies moving huge farming machinery, RGNs provide enhanced maneuverability that makes it considerably easier to load and unload voluminous equipment. Where lowboys would require complicated winching and dragging machinery onto the deck, RGNs allow for driving equipment directly onto the trailer front to back.

The detachable goosenecks also enable equipment to be centered and balanced properly to ensure stability during transit. RGNs make it possible for farmers and ranchers to ship high-value equipment efficiently across even the longest of distances. For maximum payload capacity and loading/unloading ease when transporting the biggest farm equipment, RGNs offer the ideal solution.

Double Drop Trailers

Double drop trailers are essential for farm equipment movers to ship substantial construction equipment and massive agricultural machinery. These specialized trailers have a lower deck and upper deck that provide extra clearance and more cargo space than standard flatbeds. The dual decks allow farm equipment movers to transport oversized equipment a single flatbed cannot.    

The lower deck of a double drop trailer sits close to the ground, enabling easy loading and unloading of heavy equipment. Once cargo is secured on the lower deck, the upper deck is lowered over it to allow for additional equipment to be loaded on top. The upper deck can then be raised for transport. This maximizes payload capacity, with some double drop trailers able to handle up to 150,000 lbs of total cargo weight.    

For moving huge tractors, planters, sprayers and combines, double drop trailers are ideal. Their dual decks provide the necessary height and space, as well as safer ways to secure valuable farm equipment for long-distance shipping. The decks can be adjusted to different positions to properly balance and stabilize unwieldy loads. Double drop truck offers stability through a sturdy steel frame along with durable decks lined with built-in stake pockets for firmly tying down cargo. 

Farm equipment movers rely on double drop trailers when flatbeds are not enough for the job. To transport the massive and irregularly-shaped equipment farmers depend on, double drops provide enhanced capacity, space and flexibility.  

For the most oversized and cumbersome agricultural machinery, double drop trailers are essential to ensure safe and efficient transportation from seller to buyer. These extremely heavy-duty trailers make it possible for farm equipment movers to ship what standard trucking could never handle. 


Specialized trucking trailers like flatbed haulers, RGNs and double drops make it possible for heavy haul trucking companies to transport massive agricultural equipment standard trucking cannot. For farmers and ranchers, these niche heavy haulers using customized trucking trailers are essential for shipping huge tractors, combines, balers and other oversized machinery from place to place.

Without these heavy haul trucking services and specialized trucking trailers, transporting gargantuan farm equipment over long distances would be nearly impossible. Flatbed haulers, with their spacious, adjustable decks can move the bulkiest equipment. RGNs feature detachable goosenecks enabling simpler loading of tall machinery regular flatbeds won’t fit. Double drop trailers have upper and lower decks to provide maximum cargo space for the largest equipment.

Using trucking trailers designed for extremes in size and weight, heavy haul trucking companies can transport any farm equipment, no matter how massive. Farmers rely on these niche haulers’ customized trucking trailers to move essential equipment standard trucking could never handle. For the megatons of agriculture that feed the world, heavy haul trucking services are critical, and trucking trailers that can ship supersized equipment are essential tools for the job. 

To move oversized and irregularly-shaped cargo safely and efficiently, heavy haul trucking requires trucking trailers that can accommodate any load. For the world’s farmers and their gargantuan equipment, specialized flatbeds, RGNs and double drops are necessities, not luxuries, and the heavy haul trucking companies that employ them make possible what typical trucking never could.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Daniyal Pervez. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 17, 2023.