Used Reach Trucks and Forklifts: Your Secret Weapon for Scoring Solid Deals!

Reach Trucks

Alright fam, level with me here – you’re trying to scale up operations at your warehouse or distribution center, but the idea of dropping serious coin on brand-spanking-new material handling equipment has you sweating bullets.

That’s why checking the pre-owned and reconditioned market for used reach trucks and forklifts could low-key be a brilliant money-saving play.

Sure, the idea of secondhand machinery might make you think of sketchy, unreliable junkers. But stick with me – if you know what to look for and where to shop, you can easily finesse solid used equipment steals that are essentially good as new. I’m talking wildly affordable pricing without having to sacrifice on performance or longevity. The real deal holyfield, no cap.

Why Spend Stacks on New When Used Will Do? 

Here’s the million-dollar reality check: The moment any forklift, reach truck or order picker rolls off the lot, it instantly gets slapped with obscene depreciation putting that asset into a financial freefall. Ouch.

Within just the first year alone, most new forklifts will lose around 25% of their total value right out the gates. By year three or four? We’re talking over half the original price eaten up by depreciation. Homeboy got fleeced!

Now take a look at the used equipment market where sellers are offloading those very same assets for a fraction of their original MSRP – we’re talking 50-70% discounts in many cases after factoring in depreciation. You’d have to be straight tripping to willingly pay full freight when those bargain-bin opportunities exist.

Lightly Used Gems Are Out There…If You Know Where to Look 

Okay, I get it – purchasing any pre-owned equipment sight unseen can obviously be a bit of a risk if you don’t take the right precautions. Homeboy have to do his due diligence to avoid getting stuck with a lemon.

Location and overall reputation of the reseller should be your first checklist item. You’ll want to focus your search on established used material handling dealerships that perform multi-point inspections, offer warranties, and have service/parts resources to back up what you buy.

Taking things a step further, insist on machines with comprehensive maintenance records and clear hour meter readings so you can track usage. A reputable seller should also give you the full rundown on any prior repairs or damage to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The overall condition and remaining lifespan of Lisman Forklifts or reach trucks is what matters most, not just the year alone. Go through all the right verification protocols, and you could easily drive home a 3-4 year old truck in mint condition for 60% off the original MSRP sticker. Absolute score, no debate.

Stretch Your CapEx Further 

At the end of the day, purchasing reconditioned and used material handling equipment is really just a savvy way to stretch CapEx budgets without majorly sacrificing on core capabilities or dependability.

Think about how many extra used order pickers or forklifts you could acquire by diverting funds from a single overpriced new machine transaction. Or spread that used equipment savings towards other CapEx priorities in your warehouse that drive productivity and efficiency.

You’re not hoarding secondhand junk either – many of these sellers offer certified rental-quality trucks with like-new performance but at rock-bottom pricing after factoring depreciation. So you still get cake while being able to eat it too.

Just make sure to do things properly by purchasing through authorized remarketed channels versus some sketchy rando on Craigslist. Keep it professional, verify the asset’s health in-person, negotiate fair pricing – and boom, you’re set to capitalize on all the value the used heavy equipment market has to offer.

I’m just saying, run the numbers on buying new versus used reach trucks or forklifts for your operation. You might be shocked how quickly the savings can stack up on the pre-owned side while delivering practically identical results as the straight-off-the-lot alternatives. Your budget and bottom-line profit margins will probably thank you.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Nancy Miller. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on April 28, 2024.

Cover image by falco from Pixabay.