Inventory Management Beyond the Mystery (Ebook)

Inventory Management Ebook

Inventory is everywhere you look.   

Everyone and every company has inventory of some kind or another.  In your cupboards and closets, attics and basements at home you have an inventory of goods.  At your place of work, whether that be in an office, on a manufacturing floor, or a warehouse, you are surrounded by inventory.  And certainly, any store you go to, whether in person or online, has shelves stocked with inventory.  

Inventory makes the world go around.

That is why we’ve created “Inventory Management Beyond the Mystery“, our Inventory Management Ebook, to help you learn how to make game changing results using real life techniques.

But depending on your situation having too much, or in fact too little, inventory, can be costly.  In business having too much inventory can result in cash flow problems, write-offs, return on investment impacts and massive losses.  Conversely if you have too little inventory you may not be able to support customer demands resulting in lost sales and damage to your company’s brand.

Professionals the world over work, both tactically and strategically, on inventory every day.  Planners plan, Buyers buy, Vendors sell, Suppliers supply, Distributors distribute, and Logistics people move goods all over the place in innumerable ways.  

With so many people focused on inventory it’s incredible that there are still so very few companies that really manage inventory well.  Good, let alone great, inventory management seems to be very elusive, even though the concepts are basic and simple. 

In our experience that fundamental principle is critical to effective inventory management:  keep it simple.  It can become very complicated with formulas, algorithms, and the massive number of materials, companies, systems, processes and people all constituting any given Supply Chain and inventory management ecosystem.  But it is in the face of that complexity that too many people lose sight of both the forest and the trees in terms of getting their arms around their inventory performance. 

We have seen and experienced a lot of inventory management systems in various companies and industries around the world.  And we have witnessed a lot of people, presumed experts even, trying their hand at improving inventory levels.  More often than not these efforts fall short of expectations to some degree.  It’s not that these people are not smart.  It is more often that their approach is not quite right.  Then again there are many others that are highly successful. There is something to be learned from all of them.

In our travels we have observed, absorbed, applied, adjusted and implemented many different techniques and approaches to inventory management.  Over the course of a long career we have come up with a set of principles and approaches that have been highly successful in turning around dreadful inventory situations resulting in stellar results.

“Inventory Management Beyond the Mystery” is a compilation of learnings, lessons and techniques in driving improvements in inventory management performance that I’ve experienced over a lifetime.  Every chapter covers a different aspect of inventory management and change leadership which have proven over time to be the difference in success and failure from one project to the next.  

I have used these techniques and lessons to drive some truly remarkable, game changing, breakthrough and industry leading results in the course of my career.  

In the spirit of Supply Chain Game Changer™ (, my website dedicated to sharing experiences and expertise to help others on their own journeys, I have created “Inventory Management Beyond the Mystery”, our Inventory Management Ebook. 

Every chapter is based on real life experience, learnings, successes and failures.   I present this material to you in this format to provide a single place that you can go to so as to help you in your inventory management journey.  If you can learn from this material this will help to increase and accelerate your chances of success.  If we don’t learn from the past, and if we don’t learn from others, we are doomed to fail.

Get our Inventory Management Ebook, “Inventory Management Beyond the Mystery”. Let’s demystify this area, make it less overwhelming, and take the steps to improve your inventory performance.

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Good luck and thanks from Mike Mortson and Supply Chain Game Changer™.

Originally published on November 10, 2020.