How to Save Money as a Courier Driver!

Courier Driver

Whether you decide to become a courier driver as a side gig or as your main hobby, you will notice something. Your money starts to drain pretty fast, even with normal gas prices!

Whether you are delivering food, freight, or packages, you will be crisscrossing your area and the gas bill is going to add up. That doesn’t even count hotel stays, food, and other fees that come with delivering items.

Thankfully, there are some ways to save money as a courier driver, and if you follow these tips you can pocket more of your payments for your successful delivery!

Reduce Your Dead Miles and Manage Your Time

There’s a reason why they say that “Time is money”, and when you work in the courier business that is the truth. Every mile you drive and every moment you spend on the road is draining your fuel tank, and the faster your fuel tank drains the faster your wallet will drain as you move to refill your tanks.

So, how do you reduce these dead miles and make sure your time is managed? Dead miles are all the driving you are doing between stops and the driving you do when you are returning home. Planning out your route, either with a pen and paper or with a multi-stop route app, will help you find the shortest distance between the points of your route. 

Every single second that you are on the road longer than you have to be, is time and money that is going to be wasted away. So make sure to reduce both and you will stop at the gas station less often!

Communicate With Your Customers

Especially if you are a courier of groceries with a grocery delivery service, or a courier of people, you need to be communicating with your customers. Text them, call them by their names, and make sure to let them know when you are on your way with their delivery.

This will allow your customers to expect you when you reach the door and then they can come and take your delivery off your hands.

In addition to being respectful to your customers, good communication also shuts down the various problems that can really suck up your time. Waiting for your customers to come to the door, getting things like gate codes and delivery instructions, and all those other time sinks can very easily cut into your profits. The more jobs you do in an hour, and the faster you complete those jobs, the more money you will make.

Compare Insurance Coverage to Get the Best Price

Just like your customers are looking for the cheapest deals for the delivery of their items, you should also be looking cheap car insurance deals because you will be driving around a lot as a courier. So make sure that you are getting the best prices on your car insurance because accidents can and will happen to you on the road.

Compare coverages using an online tool, and look at what type of coverages you can get with your insurance plan, as well as what you can live without. After all, no one wants to pay for something they don’t need!

Save Money, And Work Less

As a courier, you will be told that the harder you work and the more jobs you do per hour, the more money you make. However, working smarter and not harder is still valid in the delivery field, and using these tips to save money will be very smart for you and your wallet!

Courier driver article and permission to publish here provided by Cristina Par. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on November 15, 2022.