What are the Advantages of Using Temporary Phone Numbers?

Temporary Phone Numbers

Every day there are appearing new technological solutions. But no one forgets about old ones which are really useful. Moreover, in light of changes, some of them are getting even more popular than they were before. This is exactly what happens with temporary phone numbers.

Currently, this feature is used by millions of people around the world and their number only continues increasing. That situation is very easy to explain though. Temporary numbers bring to the table multiple significant advantages.

Below we will explain them all as well as how to get temp phone number in minutes.

Low cost

Even in countries with a low cost of living a new and fully working SIM card connected to a tariff plan costs approximately $2-5. When it comes to the opposite in financial terms countries, such as Norway or New Zealand, one SIM card may cost up to $10 or even more. It is quite expensive, especially if it is necessary to get multiple numbers.

Temporary numbers work in a completely different way. Since there is no need for plastic, paper documents, and expensive equipment, most often one such number costs less than $1. This is also relevant for temporary phone numbers issued in countries with a high cost of living, although there is a small difference.

For example, one temporary number issued in New Zealand and configured for registration on Instagram costs $0.90. On the other hand, the price per number set up for the same purpose and issued in India is a bit higher than $0.10. You can choose any option based on your own preferences.

Compatibility with any platform

Sometimes people think that temporary phone numbers work only with certain websites and apps. Thereby, there are many questions about if they are suitable for use with one or another platform. However, worrying about this moment is completely unnecessary. Temporary numbers can be used to create Kakao account or an account on an online service of any other kind including:

  • Social networks;
  • Instant messengers;
  • Online marketplaces;
  • Dating apps;
  • Food delivery and taxi companies.

Basically, it is up to providers if their numbers will work with a specific platform or not. Every service that offers temporary phone numbers supports different websites and apps. However, in most cases, every such platform also has a feature that allows getting a temporary number available for use with non-listed services. It just will be a bit more expensive than a number with a certain configuration.

Complete privacy

Temporary phone numbers are also a very popular tool among internet users that care about their privacy on the web. This is caused by their multiple peculiarities.

First of all, there is no need to provide any personal information to get as well as use them. Every company that provides an opportunity to utilize temporary numbers requires only completing simple registration which most often is about entering a valid email address and setting up a password for an account. It means that such a number cannot be associated with the user in any way as there is literally no connection. You don’t have to worry about it being somehow used against you if leaked or stolen.

Secondly, temporary phone numbers are designed only for receiving verification codes from websites and apps. They cannot be used by other people for messaging and calling. You can freely share them with others on the internet without fear that they will bother you.

In addition to what was said above, temporary numbers also cannot be tracked. They have a fixed location that doesn’t change when their user moves. Moreover, there is also an option to get numbers in completely different countries. This is unnecessary to visit them for this purpose. Everything is done online.

Where to get a temporary phone number?

Right now temporary numbers are offered by numerous appropriate platforms. Most of the time those platforms operate as websites. But there are also some exceptions like SMS-Man that will suit the needs of more users. They provide their services via a website and at the same time have software for PC, a bot on Telegram, and a mobile app. You can use any of these options or all of them together if it is more convenient for you.

We will show how to get a number with this company through the website because it is the most popular choice among newcomers. Here is a full guide:

1. Open sms-man.com and register a profile.

2. Use one of the available payment methods to add credits to the balance.

3. Choose the country of issue for the temporary phone number on the start page.

4. Find a website or app for which you are going to sign up with a temporary number or select the “Any other” feature if there is no required service.

5. Buy a number by making click on relevant button.

You will be provided with a temporary phone number in seconds. Using it for the intended purpose goes in the same way as with a regular mobile number. There is no difference in this regard except for the fact that instead of your mobile phone verification code will come to the website.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Yury Rapetski. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 2, 2023.

Cover image by Alessandra Carrer from Pixabay

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