How to Choose an Online Money Transfer Service!

Money Transfer

For a full-fledged life abroad or in another place, you need to have enough money to provide for yourself. However, no one is sure that he will always have enough salary to provide for all his needs. In such moments, card to card money transfer online comes in handy.

That way, you don’t have to meet the person in person to hand them the money. It is convenient, because you can support a loved one who is far away or use a money transfer for other needs.

Families of students may especially need this opportunity. Often, students do not have enough time to work because of university studies. Transferring money from card to card is useful for people who went abroad to earn money and now want to send part of their salary to their native country. Due to modern technologies and their reliability, money is safe when transferred.

What details are important?

There are a lot of ways for transferring money without leaving home. However, among them you need to find a reliable one who will send money to someone who needs it. We have prepared several important criteria for you when looking for online money transfer options:

  • Security. Probably, everyone is always most worried about this point. Your money must reach the recipient. It may be boring, but read the user agreement and other documents before using the service. Having made sure of reliability, you will be calm. You will know what happens to your money and where it is;
  • Limits. Sometimes, there is an opportunity to increase the limit on certain services. More documents may be required for this.  For example, a document certifying identity or place of residence;
  • Countries where you can send money. The more countries you can send money to and from, the more options you have;
  • Commission. Each online service has a different fee;
  • Favorable exchange rate. Before sending money, look at the exchange rate employed by the service;
  • License. It is safer to use the services of a licensed organization. Find out what the online service is regulated by. Read all the details and if you do not understand something, contact the support service;
  • Time of receipt of money. Find out how long the whole process will take on the website.

These are some points to pay attention to when choosing a method of transferring money from one card to another.


There is a method to ensure the reliability of the service. Using the new online service, make a test money transfer for the first time. Don’t send a large amount of money at once. First, make sure the service is reliable. Read the documents that you will receive after the transfer.

In addition, sometimes the first money transfer is without commission. By trying to transfer a small amount of money, you will not lose anything, but you will know that the option you have chosen is reliable.


Transferring from card to card is an opportunity to save time. Such transfers take place within a few minutes. Use only the service you are sure of. Pay attention to details. Choose the service that meets your requirements.

Money Transfer article and permission to publish here provided by Zhenia Krasnov. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on July 30, 2023.

Cover image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay