How to Become a Professional Truck Driver!

Professional Truck Driver

Becoming a professional truck driver certainly has its challenges. For someone just starting the task might unconquerable.

For that reason, this article suggests some helpful tips for those looking to become a professional truck driver.

Safety First, Always

A quick search regarding trends in the trucking industry, safety, and how to improve it always features prominently and for good reason. While trends look at the industry in the broadest sense, drivers can also place safety as a priority. By following safety protocols and developing habits that reinforce protocols keep both the driver and other motorists safe.

Ask for Help

No matter the level of experience a truck driver might have, no one has all the answers. Those willing to ask for help or better clarification of concepts are better prepared to succeed.

The CDL driver job can be difficult so there is no point in suffering in silence. Freight shipping companies like MigWay practice onboarding program and provide support for new truck drivers.

Feedback is Important

Similar to the above point, successful drivers understand that they are not perfect so other than asking for help being open to feedback and criticism is important. Taking on feedback positively is a major determiner of a professional’s growth.

You will never be amazing at all aspects of the job. Listening to others’ feedback can help one improve in those areas of the job in which you are weakest in.

Be Prepared

The job of driving a truck can be full of trials and tribulations, often events completely out of your control will test your will. For that explicit reason being prepared for even the most inconceivable event can be half the battle.

With uncertain climates, more violent storms, and other variables the task of delivering goods can be made far harder if one does not prepare for all possible outcomes.

Trip Planning and Pretrip Inspections

Along with being prepared comes the task of pre-trip planning and inspections. Both of these should not be ignored under any circumstance. Truck drivers should complete a pre-trip inspection before every trip, this is a non-negotiable. Further, these should be completed when using a new vehicle or trailer, and after traveling for 10 hours.

Pre-tip inspections help instill confidence in the driver that all is well with the tools of their trade. Trip planning helps the driver know where they are going. Good planning will prepare the driver for weather conditions, high-traffic areas, and possible problems that could happen on the chosen route.

A Healthy Lifestyle

When on the road, eating right, getting the recommended amount of good quality sleep, and exercising regularly can help the driver remain alert and stress-free. Adopting healthy habits can help with other parts of your life over and above your career. Drivers are also advised to maintain a healthy work-life balance to better manage stress.


The transport industry is in desperate need to find possible candidates to fill their professional truck driving needs. While the work involves long hours of concentration and traveling long distances, drivers are now in a position to earn far better than average salaries and companies have become dedicated to maintaining the health of their staff.

Professional truck driver article and permission to publish here provided by Alex Buzan. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 14, 2022.