Using Branded Drawstring Bags for Effective Brand Promotion!

Branded Drawstring Bags

With the business landscape becoming more and more competitive, companies must look for new and innovative ways to make their name known and establish strong brand identities. It is crucial that they stand out so that they can make good sales and improve their bottom lines. 

One of the most effective, yet versatile and trendy promotional tools is the use of branded drawstring bags. Drawstring bags are simple and functional tools and have proven themselves to be a staple part of many companies’ marketing strategies, irrespective of their size.

In this article, we explore some of the most important things you need to know about branded drawstring bags to help you understand them, and select the best ones for your business so you succeed in your marketing efforts. 

What are branded drawstring bags?

When we talk about drawstring bags, we are referring to custom-made backpacks or cinch bags, that are designed to be lightweight but versatile carriers. They come with a simple closure mechanism feature, a drawstring that pulls the bag’s opening closed. These bags can be easily made in a company’s colours, and branded with logos, company names, or other marketing messages. 

Branded drawstring bags come in various sizes, designs, and materials making them useful for all kinds of uses, including carrying gym gear, stationery, and other everyday items. They can even be used to package other promotional items.

The key feature that makes drawstring bags so effective as a promotional tool is their ample surface area that allows customisation and offers businesses a unique canvas to put up their logo, slogan, marketing message and so on.

Why should you consider branded drawstring bags for promoting your brand?

The simple fact is that branded drawstring bags garner so many benefits, and you can never go wrong by using them as promotional tools. Here are some of the benefits of these bags:

They give your brand high visibility

The beauty of branded drawstring bags is that they are highly visible as people carry or wear them on their backs, making sure your brand message is seen by a wide audience. No matter if you use the bags for your fitness activities, in your daily commutes, or as reusable shopping bags, they turn those using them into your brand’s walking billboards.

They have great versatility

Branded drawstring bags are versatile and can appeal to a wide audience. Students, professionals, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and just about everyone else will find them useful.

Drawstring bags have many uses and almost everyone will find a use for them. Their versatility implies that your branded bags can work across a broad demographic, making your brand reach a much wider audience. 

Branded drawstring bags are cost-effective

If you compare branded drawstring bags with other promotional tools, they are far more cost-effective, and this makes them an excellent choice for companies with limited budgets.

In addition, the bags have a long useful lifespan so they offer long-term brand exposure, and utility, giving you a better return on investment. You can order drawstring bags from leading suppliers such as RocketBags and get high-quality bags at some of the best rates.

They have many customisation options

Another benefit of branded drawstring bags is that they offer many customisation options because they have ample branding space. You can print your company’s slogan and logo on them and you can even go for full-colour designs, That way, your brand message will stand out and have a lasting impression on the minds of all those who see them.

How can you choose the best-branded drawstring bags?

It is vital to choose the best drawstring bags for your brand so you maximise their effectiveness in promoting it. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right branded drawstring bags:


It is crucial to choose a material that aligns with your brand’s image. Think about the bag’s likely intended uses. For example, choose lightweight polyester for sports, fitness enthusiasts and other eco-friendly options or if your brand is sustainability-focussed.


You need to establish the right size of your bag based on the items you intend the bag to accommodate, and your target audience. Also, the marketing communications you want to have on the bag can influence the size of your branded drawstring bags.


Branded drawstring bags are meant to be used for a long time so it is important to ensure your bags are of high quality and well-constructed to be durable. This way, they can be durable and stand up to regular use thus creating your brand awareness. Also, durable bags show the quality associated with your brand. 


It is vital to choose a visually appealing design for your branded drawstring bags. As you select the design, consider the colour schemes, graphics and fonts that resonate well with your target audience. 


It is a wise decision to use branded drawstring bags as part of your marketing strategy. They are highly versatile and cost-effective, offer your brand visibility, and reach a wide audience because of their durability and easy portability.

As you choose branded drawstring bags for your company’s promotion efforts, consider the material, size, durability and design of the bag.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Bailey Merton. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on September 28, 2023.