How Technology Has Changed Online Casinos!

Technology Has Changed Online Casinos

The steady change of the world brought many technological advancements. From AI to crypto, there are countless ways in which this tech has transformed various fields.

One of them is the iGaming world. If you want to get a better glimpse at how technology has changed online casinos, stick with us!

Higher Security Levels

As online gaming sites grew more popular, so did the need for higher security. New safety measures that became part of security grids everywhere were easily integrated into the online gaming world.

For instance, many platforms have started using the latest SSL encryption tech to ensure that all player payments and data are kept away from unwanted third parties. That way, regardless if you’re playing with an online casino GCash payment method or crypto, you may rest assured that your funds are safe.

What’s more, many gaming sites also enable two-factor authentication procedures. But that’s not all—face recognition and fingerprints are also used by some operators. All of this makes it harder for online fraudsters to scam players out of their money or winnings.


When talking about security, we have to mention the improved auditing procedure. If a casino is audited by a reputable organization, such as eCOGRA, then you know that it offers fair gaming.

Namely, by using sophisticated software, these agencies continuously review and monitor the operator’s actions, as well as the data it has gathered from its members. Once they are sure of its safety, they award the casino a seal of approval.

Improved & Safer Payments

Another area where technology has brought a huge change in the iGaming world is the payment methods that are used. Aside from the traditional methods like checks and bank transfers, players today can deposit and withdraw using credit and debit cards or various other means like e-wallets and prepaid cards.

All of these allow quick deposits and withdrawals and, in most cases, don’t have any fees tied to them. Plus, they have security layers to make sure that there is no scamming.

Blockchain Technology & Transactions

The biggest innovation in this field was blockchain technology, a.k.a. crypto. Many online casinos today accept crypto payments for both deposits and withdrawals, simply because the digital asset gives another layer of security. And there is also the fact that crypto is the fastest deposit/cashout method today.

Considering crypto is pseudonymous, all transactions can’t be traced to you, so you can play to your heart’s content!

Another point here worth mentioning is NFTs. Just like crypto, these digital photos have found their way into online casinos and have managed to become somewhat of a transaction method in some. Hence, you may find a gaming site that gives out NFT promotions that you use to play a game.

Immersive Graphics

Ever since gaming became a hot topic, there have been endless tries to improve the graphics and immerse players in the titles even more. Today, many online casinos boast HD slots and sounds that enhance the casino experience.

Live rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras that give crystal clear views into the room, the croupier, and all details needed to enjoy a real-life poker or blackjack table. Other table games now come equipped with 3D effects and animated characters that make playing as good as in a genuine brick-and-mortar casino.

Aside from all these improvements, the top one is arguably the introduction of VR technology into online casinos. Thanks to this, you simply need to put the VR goggles on, and you get a 360-degree view of the online casinos – basically, you’re playing in the online casino but from your home!

Mobile Gaming

The days when you were stuck to your computer to play your favorite game are over! Thanks to technology, everyone today has a phone with them. And that means playing on the go.

All online casinos now allow players to game whenever they want by using their preferred browsers. Operators use HTML5 technology to make their sites mobile-friendly, so all Filipino gamers log into them with just a few clicks.

As live casinos are becoming more popular in the Philippines, it’s no wonder that many sites have also turned to creating dedicated apps. That way, you have a virtual casino right in your pocket—one click, and you start playing!

Use of AI

Yes, Artificial Intelligence is used in online casinos today. Mainly, operators utilize AI to track players’ actions and use that data to improve their services. However, it is not the only advantage.

Many casinos have AI players in their games to provide a more entertaining experience. Aside from this, AI prevents any fraudulent activities and makes sure that all users have a safe and fun time. Plus, this technology detects any type of problem gambling and interferes with it.

Diversity of Games

Another huge “thank you” is owed to technology for the variety of casino games you get to enjoy. From simple 3-reeled slots with a fruity theme, games have evolved into 5-reeled pokies, live table games, online bingo cards, jackpots, etc.—all with different designs and gameplays.

Software developers now have the means to create enticing titles more often and make them accessible to everyone. These don’t just have stellar graphics and sounds but employ interesting stories based on famous books, people, movies, etc.

Wrap Up

What we listed are just a few of the impacts as to how technology has changed online casinos so far. With many new things on the horizon, like the Metaverse, it won’t be a surprise to see the iGaming world enter new tech realms. One thing is for certain—with the growing technology, there are no limits to what online casinos can become!

Technology has changed Online Casinos article and permission to publish here provided by Malika Bonner. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 10, 2023.