The Minimum Load for Trucking!

Minimum Load

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 While you can find many supposed intellectuals kicking around a ball about what really made western society great, almost anyone is going to agree that modern western civilization would not be where it is today without the use of trucking. What is the minimum load for trucking?

Inventions were great, and assembly lines and the Industrial Revolution were truly spectacular. Still, it was the ability to ship goods throughout the land that really ushered in modernity in ways that we never thought were possible before.

All of this was enabled due to hard-working truckers out there driving across the country to deliver their freight.

 Hiring a trucking company to move freight for you is just the way of the modern world. However, there are many people out there who may consider hiring trucking to help them ship, though they’re not entirely sure if they qualify.

Many people believe that you need incredibly massive loads, or else there’s no sense in hiring out, as a trucking corporation isn’t going to want to deal with lighter, lesser freight. Let’s get some of this misinformation cleared up. 

The Correct way to View a “Minimum Load”

 Let’s be clear here; there is really no such thing as a minimum load when it comes to hiring people to move freight for you. Now, if you wanted to start your own company and have your own fleet of trucks, these are standards that you would set. For instance, you might not offer your services to people who wanted basic items moved or people who didn’t meet your tonnage standards.

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And then there are weight issues with which you have to contend at different weigh stations to ensure that you comply with regulations regarding how much you’re legally allowed to haul. Though when it comes to customers who need things shipped and hauled for them, the idea of a “minimum load” is a sliding scale that every company you contact is going to set themselves. 

It Depends on Your Needs

 So, when it comes to you wanting to hire a trucking company, it depends on your particular needs. For example, if you’re dealing in dropshipping and are just sending out a variety of small boxed items to people’s homes, then the odds are good that a freight company will not handle this task for you.

Though if you’re in some industrial sector and need construction materials, appliances, etc. shipped out, you might find that there is no minimum load per se, as the stuff you need loaded and hauled does qualify as freight. 

Perhaps No Load is Too Small

 To this end, it could be true that no load is too small, and no load is too large. Again, this really depends on whom you’re seeking to hire to haul your freight for you. The idea here should be to look around for a good local company and contact them specifically about their terms.

In an industry like trucking, there is just no answer that’s entirely set in stone. This may be disappointing for people who Googled the search term in hopes of a concrete answer, but the reality is simply that a concrete answer doesn’t exist and will change depending on the particular company. 

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It’s What Shipping Companies Do

 The main thing that you should understand here is that shipping is precisely what these companies do. They’re in businesses merely to haul freight. With that in mind, ask yourself a simple question, “If I were running this business, would I consider this freight enough to haul with a legitimate freight company?”

Understanding what you need to move might end up saving you some valuable time, so you don’t have to contact so many companies to see who’s available to haul your loads for you. These companies are in business to move freight, not to deliver birthday presents. Amazon and all these places already have that covered. It’s not the job of a freight shipping company. So understand what these companies do.

 For some things in life, there is simply not a clear cut answer that you can use for every situation. When it comes to shipping, things will be a lot different depending on the company in question. So make sure you always contact a good shipping company to find out the finer details.

Minimum load for trucking article and permission to publish here provided by Saaed Darwish. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 19, 2020.
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