Different Types of Access Platforms!

Access Platforms

In industrial construction, there are a lot of times that you need to work in areas that are not accessible, and that’s where access platforms prove very helpful, as they help you comfortably and safely work in difficult areas.

With access platforms, workers can confidently work to do their job effectively with a lessened risk of equipment damage and personal safety hazards. These things can cost a lot, which is why it’s better to use an access platform.

However, not all industrial construction projects are the same, and the same access platform may not work well in another setting.

With the different kinds of construction projects, there are also various types of access platforms depending on materials and why you need one.

Folding work platforms

Like ladders, folding work platforms help workers reach places at a height, and they are typically used by workers to clean, paint, and do other industrial work with walls and ceilings.

Folding work platforms have platforms standing on foldable legs that also allow the structure to be sturdy and stable to prevent accidents. They are very lightweight and easy to move from place to place so you can work quickly. Since they’re portable, they are also easy to store and transport in the back of a truck.

For more safety, some folding work platforms also include guardrails, which are very useful for doing work in high spaces.

Folding work platforms are very versatile; they are not very complicated in terms of design, but you can make it work for different purposes.

Powered platforms

Unlike folding work platforms that you have to climb on and fix again to make it higher or lower, powered platforms are motorized, and you can change the height as you please. Because they are powered, they are typically more stable and can reach higher, which is why most models include guardrails for safety.

There are three types of powered platforms:

  • Electric hoists – Typically used with other platforms, electric hoists move people and equipment move across construction sites, especially ones that deal with multiple floors.
  • Scissor lifts  Scissor lifts are platforms that you can raise or lower while you’re on top of it. They are typically used in cleaning and fixing walls and can also be used to repair construction equipment that are on higher floors.
  • Cherry pickers – Cherry pickers are used at the end of a crane’s boom to move workers and equipment. Unlike other powered platforms, cherry pickers don’t just move the platform vertically but laterally as well. Since it’s attached to a crane, the crane can also move it to different places.

Powered platforms are very easy to use, but they are also more expensive. But, if you have a little bit of extra budget, powered platforms are well worth their price because of their added convenience.

Mobile access towers

Also known as mobile scaffold towers, mobile access towers are mainly used in industrial construction projects for height access. 

They are more complicated than folding work platforms and are used with a great deal of climbing. The amount of climbing in mobile access towers makes them dangerous, and we recommend people to undergo construction training before using mobile access towers, as one wrong step can result in serious injuries.

Podium platforms

If you’re looking for an access platform with almost no risk that comes with other types, a podium platform is what you need. It has an aluminum structure with a wooden floor on top of it. It’s very sturdy and stable, and they can also be slip-resistant. It’s perfect for small construction projects that don’t have multiple floors.

While they are safe and easy to use, podium platforms are also limited. First, it’s tougher to move them around, and you can’t adjust it to the height that you need. Also, they aren’t that portable and easy to store.

It’s safe and easy to use and perfect for basic projects. But, if you’re working on a more complicated project, it’s best to look for other options.

Aerial work platforms

Unlike most types of access platforms that all provide access for workers to do their job in different heights and floors, aerial work platforms are a little more advanced both in purpose and features.

First, they are used in greater heights, such as multiple story buildings, and they don’t just bring people and equipment higher. They also have electrical outlets or compressed air connectors so you can power your power tools up in the sky.

You can also adjust an aerial work platform’s height since they have hydraulics or pneumatics to help you with height adjustment. Because it can reach higher places, look for a sturdy and stable aerial work platform that also has a good surface for people and equipment safety.

Grounding Grates

The best access solutions

We know you’re looking for the best access platform for your next project but look no further now as we can provide you with the best options when it comes to access platforms.

At Bendtech, we have a variety of affordable access platform offerings that aren’t just designed to make your work better, but also to ensure that you can avoid accidents that can hurt you and your project.

With our access solutions, you can have safe, sturdy, and durable access for your project. Furthermore, if you need something a little more specific, we also do customized safety access platform services so you can have an access platform that’s perfect for your liking.

Access platforms article and permission to publish here provided by Maria Dalit. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on November 18, 2020.