Customising Nitrogen Solutions: Tailoring On-Site Generation Systems for Diverse Industries!


Nitrogen is required in several businesses within the realm of industrial processes, each with unique requirements and challenges. As unconventional methods of delivering nitrogen give way to more inventive ones, the concept of customising nitrogen-generating equipment for on-site usage has emerged as a game changer.

This article looks at the significance of changing nitrogen solutions and how companies are redefining how they satisfy nitrogen demands by making adjustments to on-site production systems for a range of industries.

The Versatility of Nitrogen in Industries

Nitrogen, an inert gas, finds applications in a myriad of industrial processes, offering benefits such as:

Inerting and Blanketing

In industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food processing, nitrogen is used to create inert atmospheres, preventing oxidation and degradation of sensitive materials.

Manufacturing and Production

Nitrogen is a key component in manufacturing processes, including metal fabrication, electronics, and automotive industries. It aids in preventing oxidation, enhancing welding processes, and purging sensitive equipment.

Food and Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, nitrogen is utilized for packaging, preserving freshness, preventing spoilage, and creating the ideal environment for storage and transport.

Oil and Gas

Nitrogen is employed for various applications in the oil and gas sector, including purging pipelines, enhancing oil recovery, and preventing explosive atmospheres during drilling and extraction.


In medical applications, nitrogen is used for cryopreservation, where biological samples are stored at extremely low temperatures to maintain their integrity.

Aerospace and Electronics

Nitrogen’s inert properties make it invaluable in aerospace and electronics manufacturing, where it is used for soldering, purging, and preventing the formation of oxides on sensitive components.

Each industry’s specific needs and applications demand a tailored approach to nitrogen supply, leading to the rise of customised on-site nitrogen generation solutions.

Benefits of Customising On-Site Nitrogen Generation Systems

With customisation, companies can precisely plan on-site nitrogen-generating systems and guarantee that the produced nitrogen satisfies the precise purity and flow rate criteria of the intended industrial use. This leads to optimal performance and effective resource utilisation.

Customised systems eliminate needless over-specification by matching the specific requirements of an industry. In addition to lowering upfront expenses, this optimisation makes sure that companies aren’t spending money on skills that aren’t necessary for daily operations.

The purity, pressure, and flow rates of nitrogen may differ throughout industries. Customisation ensures adaptability across a range of processes by allowing enterprises to tailor the on-site generating system to the unique requirements of their applications.

Facilities in industries frequently have a restricted amount of space. Customisation makes it possible to create on-site generating systems that are small and take up little room, guaranteeing a smooth transition into already-existing operating configurations.

There may be strict safety and regulatory standards in some areas, such as the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. To ensure compliance and reduce hazards, customised nitrogen-generating systems may be created on-site to satisfy these criteria.

Sustainability and minimising their environmental impact are becoming more and more important to industries. Customised systems may be built with energy-saving features, which helps to make nitrogen generation more ecologically friendly.

Customisation in Action: Industry-Specific Applications

A tailored on-site generating system may be created to satisfy the precise flow rates needed for modified environment packaging in the food and beverage sector, where nitrogen is used for packaging and freshness preservation. By doing this, the packed goods are guaranteed to retain their quality and shelf life.

A bespoke system may be designed to smoothly integrate into current production lines for chemical manufacturing processes that require exact control over nitrogen purity and flow rates. The effectiveness of chemical reactions and inerting applications is improved by this versatility.

Nitrogen is utilised in the healthcare industry for cryopreservation and other medical purposes. To supply ultra-high purity nitrogen, a bespoke on-site generating system can be designed. This is essential to preserving biological sample integrity and guaranteeing adherence to medical standards.

Businesses that produce electronics and aircraft, which need nitrogen for soldering and cleaning delicate components, might profit from a specially made system that can supply accurate nitrogen flows and pressures. This guarantees peak performance in complex production operations.

Nitrogen is used in the oil and gas industry to purge pipelines and avoid explosive atmospheres. A specially designed on-site generating equipment may be made mobile so that it can be set up in distant areas for drilling and exploratory operations.

Challenges and Considerations in Customisation

Successful customisation requires a deep awareness of the unique requirements of each business. This calls for cooperation between engineers, specialists in nitrogen, and experts who understand the specifics of each industry.

Advanced technologies like pressure swing adsorption and membrane separation, might be integrated into customised systems. One of the most important things to be sure of is compatibility and smooth integration with current technology.

Even though customisation has advantages, companies should perform a thorough cost-benefit analysis to be sure that investing in a customised system will meet their financial and operational goals.

Different regulatory systems apply to different sectors. Designing customised solutions requires a careful consideration of industry-specific standards and regulatory needs.

The need for nitrogen changes with the industries. Scalability and future-proofing should be considered while designing customised systems so that companies may adjust to their evolving operational requirements.


A paradigm leap in addressing the various demands of companies is represented by the customisation of on-site nitrogen-generating systems. The days of using one-size-fits-all strategies are ending as companies from many industries see the benefits of customised nitrogen solutions.

Industries ranging from food and beverage to chemicals, healthcare, and other fields are now able to create on-site generating systems that are specifically tailored to meet their own needs. 

In an era where customisation and adaptability are the keys to industrial excellence, this not only prepares firms for long-term success but also improves operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Customising nitrogen solutions is a strategic decision that demonstrates a dedication to fulfilling the unique requirements of many businesses in a constantly changing industrial landscape, rather than merely being a technological breakthrough.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Pamela Lattimore. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on December 12, 2023.