Benefits of ServiceNow IT Service Management!


All this talk around workforce automation via the ServiceNow platform can get confusing. Businesses and entities working as a hybrid or remote company must know the latest IT developments to enhance workflow.

Want to know more about the ServiceNow platform and its services?

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What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a SaaS-based platform that provides automation services to businesses with high IT dependency. It provides timely and effective delivery of automated services. The services provided by ServiceNow are a must-have for every business as it includes a service portal, catalogs, and a network of conjoined departments from HR to IT, amongst many other services.

The digital work environment provided by ServiceNow is particularly helpful for sectors such as education, healthcare, government, finance, and manufacturing. 

What is IT Service Management?

The ServiceNow IT service management solution or ITSM is a cloud-based platform that provides improved employee experience. The digital transformation provided by the platform by utilizing siloed IT tools provides a cost and time-efficient framework.

Gone are the days when businesses had to exhaust their time and resource fixing IT errors while compromising employee experience and work quality. ITSM handles and predicts all forthcoming errors while providing analytics on performances and workflows.

It boosts employee productivity by providing services powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models. ITSM helps improve agent productivity by 30% while resolving any issues and eliminating the chances of human errors. 

What are the benefits of IT Service Management?

ServiceNow platform provides a comprehensive tool for effective IT service management. It provides businesses and employees with a variety of benefits via its service. Below are some of the advantages users receive by employing ITSM:

Service Delivery Streamlining

The dashboard provided by the ServiceNow platform assists users in easily tracking the issues they raised. This interactive dashboard provides valuable insights on consumer queries whilst tracking the progress all under one roof. The process is expedited by breaking silos and providing simplified workflows.

Easier Data Access

Going through an enormous amount of data is an extremely tedious task that can almost be impossible to figure out via human labor. With the help of ITSM, businesses can experience new and improved access to their data via simple searches that will filter out results from all the networks to pull out the required data. ITSM uses AI with natural Language understanding models that help provide accurate results via human input. 

Increase in Productivity

The ServiceNow ITSM provides automated workflows to businesses that help reduce the processing time required in models previously followed by organizations. Moreover, it solves employee queries, predicts any upcoming errors, and resolves them before an impact is created on the work process. This whole process, in turn, boosts productivity by enhancing work conditions for IT staff to work on more business-orientated work.

Mobile Application

With the growing need for accessibility, businesses require a system that makes ease of access one of their priorities and not just an additional feature. The mobile app offered by ServiceNow helps employees access an easier way to use services.

The mobile app will help employees have their queries fixed at any hour of the day from anywhere around the world. It is an extremely user-oriented model. Businesses take the help of ServiceNow consulting services to know more about the integrated system and the apps.


IT processes and errors fixed by ITSM provide enhanced visibility and accountability to all the participants under the work chain. It monitors the IT sector, keeps track of each arising error and conflict, and fixes it before any real-time consequences. This is kept on track, providing better visibility for all IT processes.

24/7 availability

The unique selling point of ITS has to be its 24/7 availability track record. With the growing number of employees working in remote or hybrid mode, the work processes essentially continue 24/7. So why should the ITSM limit itself to work hours of 9 to 5? Employees can get their queries resolved via the ITSM platform and helpdesk at any hour of the day. 


Businesses and entities must thoroughly consider and adopt the ITSM platform provided by ServiceNow if they are looking for a brighter future for their company while expecting a well and efficient workforce.

All this might seem impossible without compromising work quality and employee experience, but ServiceNow makes it possible by delivering robust IT services and boosting the company’s IT productivity.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Annant Rastogi. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on April 18, 2023.