Road Freight Transport is a Growing Industry!

Road Freight Transport
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Road freight forwarding is the process of physically transporting cargo by road using different types of motor vehicles. Compared to other well-known freight forwarding methods, road freight transport is considerably less expensive.

But that’s not the only reason a small or medium-sized business might need road freight transport services. In this article, we’ll elaborate on the methods of road freight and talk about all the advantages of using it as the primary form of cargo transport.

Understanding Road Freight Forwarding

For many businesses, regardless of how big or small, high-quality freight transportation services are essential. It’s how they’re able to sustain their growth.

However, the logistics of supply chain management can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s where freight forwarding companies such as GenX Freight come in. Road freight transport services are the backbone of any freight forwarding company.

The key is to understand all the challenges related to this type of freight transport and commit to always finding the perfect solution.

Clients might need the services of temperature-controlled trucks, small vans, tilt trailers or anything else in between. Regardless of the need, GenX Freight can fulfil it.

The Advantages of Road Freight Transport

The go-to argument for road freight is that it’s cost-effective, which is an accurate statement. Furthermore, if you’re moving freight domestically or from the UK to another European country, it’s the most appropriate method of cargo transport.

However, even when air or sea freight forwarding might seem like a better solution, there are a few reasons why road freight transport should still be considered.

Door-to-Door Service

If there is one unmatched benefit to road freight, it’s the door-to-door service it provides. Road freight transport services have an extensive system that delivers goods to their final destination.

If you compare this to rail, sea, and even air freight, it’s easy to see the upside of road freight. In all other forms of freight forwarding, an additional mode of transport is necessary. With road freight, you load the goods from one place and directly unload them at the destination.

Less Damage of Goods in Transit

For some businesses, this is a crucial point to consider. Imagine if you’re transporting something delicate such as glassware or chinaware, or shipping something as big as a car or other vehicle.

Some types of transport come with more risk than others. Road freight forwarding is the best option if you want to minimise the risk of damage and excessive handling.

Less Packing Cost

If you’re already considering road freight forwarding due to budget restrictions, there’s another reason why it saves money.

It’s not only the cheapest option in general, but you can also save on packing costs. It’s a lot less complicated to pack goods for motor vehicle transport than to prepare them for any other forwarding mode.

Delivery in Rural Areas

Sometimes you need to deliver goods to areas where trains, boats, or aeroplanes don’t operate. For example, if you need to ship cargo from a large city to a village, road freight transport is the best and often the only option.

It’s Fast

We’re not arguing that road freight transport is faster than air freight, but there are times when it’s more effective. If you need to transport goods on short notice, it’s easy to book road freight transport services and get the cargo going immediately.

On the other hand, with sea or air freight, you might need to wait a while before the cargo can move. There are scheduling considerations, and usually, you can’t rush the process.


Finally, one of the biggest benefits of road freight transport is natural flexibility. The routes can change, as well as the timelines and schedules.

If there’s an issue on the road, the freight forwarding company will ensure that another suitable route is discovered.

Getting Your Freight to the Final Destination

If you need to transport bulky equipment far away, then road freight transport services are probably not suitable for you.

The same applies if the timing is crucial and you need the same day international transport of goods. But these are two main reasons why a business might opt out of road freight forwarding.

Get GenX Freight to take care of everything else for you. It’s all about finding the right solution for the client and ensuring that the cargo arrives on time and in perfect condition.

Road freight transport article and permission to publish here provided by Sophia Taylor. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 20, 2021.