Benefits of Leasing the Audi A3 for your Business!

Audi A3

Leasing a car for business is becoming quite popular as there are many benefits in doing so. Specifically, financial benefits, which is really what any business would like to hear. It is a cheaper option over buying, it comes with tax benefits as well as the option of driving different cars. 

The Audi A3 represents everything that you want your business to. So choosing to lease the Audi A3 allows you to make an impression even before they see you. It shows sophistication, class and that you mean business. A great asset to any company. 

Positive cash flow 

Purchasing a car means that your business is going to have to give out a large amount of money at once. Which can present itself as a liability. Whereas leasing a car means small amounts of money going out every month. 

Allowing the business to save money. This saved money can be used in other areas of the business. 

The decision to lease a vehicle, makes the business look good on its financial books as it shows that the business has made a smart financial decision. Not only is the business saving money but if it were to apply for any type of credit, this will count in the business’s favour. 

This is especially true when leasing the Audi A3 as it is the brand’s cheapest vehicle to lease. 

Depreciation and selling 

Purchasing a brand new car means that you are stuck with that car for a very long time. You may have purchased a top luxury brand now but in a few years, that car would depreciate. Leaving you with a car that may not be worth selling by the time your business chooses to get a new vehicle. 

By leasing a vehicle you will not have to worry about this as you can choose how long you would like to lease the vehicle. This eliminates the risk of your business having a car that is no longer worth having. 

With leasing your monthly payments already factor in the depreciation value. The Audi A3 has a depreciation of 5 years. This means that you can lease it for a shorter amount of time without having to be tied down to it because your business has purchased the vehicle. 

Cheaper than leasing for an individual 

Leasing a vehicle for your business is often cheaper than taking out a personal lease. 

Your business must be VAT registered as this is why it is cheaper to lease. The business receives advantages like claiming back a percentage of the monthly instalments made. 

If the business is used purely for business reasons and is parked on the business premises every weekend you can claim the full amount. 

Business-related discounts 

When leasing a vehicle for your business most leasing companies have specialised discounts for such cases. This again, adds to saving money for the business. 

This could be specific in cases where the business may need to lease more than one vehicle or even a few. In this instance, several of your company representatives are doing business outside of your city. You may need to lease an Audi A3 for each of them. 

Doing this may qualify for discounts. 

The vehicle is under warranty 

The Audi A3 is under a 5year unlimited km warranty. This means that whoever is driving the vehicle at the time of it perhaps getting damaged or into an accident it will be covered. 

The warranty is added to your leasing agreement. This saves the person who was driving the car as well as your business a lot of hassle in the event of this occurring. 

Easier to get business loans 

As mentioned, leasing a vehicle looks good on your financial records. It shows that businesses can make solid and beneficial financial decisions. That not only increase positive cash flow but that the business can save too. 

When the business is put in the position to apply for a loan, leasing a vehicle will count in the business’s favour. 


Leasing the Audi A3 for your business is a great move for your business financially. Not to mention that it will make you look good too. 

The benefit of leasing the Audi is a true testament to why businesses have opted for leasing vehicles instead of purchasing them. 

Audi A3 article and permission to publish here provided by Razel Senolos. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 1, 2022.