5 Tips for Shipping Your Engagement Ring Safely!

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Have you heard stories of engagement rings going wrong before? Yes, an engagement ring can get damaged and, if you are not careful, you may not realize it until it’s the big day. Most of the damages reported have occurred during shipping as most people order engagement rings online.

You can avoid ending up with a damaged ring using various tips. This article will discuss the best ways to ship your engagement ring without damaging it. You can use the insights shared above to avoid a nasty surprise when unpacking your engagement ring after it’s delivered.

Here’s what you should do.

1. Find A Reliable Shipping Company

The biggest headache of shipping an engagement ring is finding a good shipping company. It requires time and effort to research and find a reputable shipper for your engagement ring. The internet can be a good resource for finding a reliable shipping company for your engagement ring.

It’s best to narrow your search to companies that ship jewelry. That will guarantee that your package will get handled well to avoid any damages. You’ll also be sure that every step of the shipping process, right from packaging, will be smooth.

As mentioned, the internet makes such searches relatively easy. For instance, you can search for reviews of various shipping companies and check what past customers have to say. That will make it easy to choose a shipping company that will handle your special package as you want.

After settling on a company, you can ask how they handle the shipping process. Let them know that you want to know how they ship engagement rings in particular and not any other items. That will help you make the final decision on whether to enter an agreement or find another shipping company.

2. Have A Trusted Person Receive It

Packages can also get damaged when left in the wrong hands. It’s always advisable to ensure you receive packages personally to avoid damages. If you do not have a working or secure mailbox outside your home, this option will help ensure your parcel is safe.

It is even risky when the package has an engagement ring in it. As we know, engagement rings are valuable and expensive, making it easy for them to attract thieves. Thus, you should ensure you have a solid and secure mailbox or be home to receive it from the delivery person.

However, sometimes you aren’t home and don’t have a secure lockbox. The best option is to find a family member, neighbor, or friend who can receive the package on your behalf. The person you ask to receive on your behalf should be an adult and not a kid, as kids might not handle it with care and end up accidentally dropping and breaking it.

Ensure you give clear instructions to the person receiving the package on your behalf. They might not know how delicate the parcel’s contents are unless you tell them. That will ensure they keep it as safe as possible so that you find it in mint condition.

3. Ship To Your Work Address

This is worth considering if there’s no one to receive the package on your behalf. It is possible to ask the shipping company to ship it to your work address. Most companies will agree to this as their primary concern is to ensure you receive the package in perfect condition.

But you’ll have to find out what the expected delivery time will be. You do not want it shipped to your office during out-of-office hours or your off days. That will mean they’ll need to store it, leave it with someone at the office, or return it to reschedule shipping.

You can always contact the shipping company if you want to change the address. Reputable companies won’t have problems changing the shipping address. As said before, the shipping company’s interest will be ensuring your engagement ring is in excellent condition.

4. Ship To A UPS Or FedEx Center

Getting your engagement ring delivered to a UPS or FedEx Center can be a good idea. You can trust these centers to keep your engagement ring safe until you pick it up. The best reason to consider a UPS or FedEx Center is that you can pick it up at your convenient time.

Also, these centers have well-trained staff who know how to handle valuable items. They also have special storage facilities, especially for fragile items like engagement rings. This should give you the confidence that your big day won’t get spoilt by damages during shipping.

All you should do is find the nearest UPS or FedEx Center to your location. That’s also to ensure you don’t take too long before picking your package. You may incur more storage costs if your package stays at the UPS or FedEx Center for long.

5. No Need To Mark The Package

Another way to keep your package safe is to avoid marking it. You can ask the shipping company to avoid writing any details about the content on the package. Writing ‘fragile’ on the package will be enough to ensure it gets shipped to your address carefully.

This is also a good idea in a scenario where you would like someone to receive it on your behalf. They do not have to know the contents of the package but only that it needs to be handled with care. 

Thus, you can let the shipping company know how you want it packaged. Most companies will leave the package unmarked on request to ensure it doesn’t raise eyebrows unless opened.

The Engagement Ring Shipping Bottomline

You now know how you can avoid receiving a damaged engagement ring. These tips will help you avoid ruining your big day with a damaged engagement ring. You can be confident that your engagement ring shipping will be successful if you implement the tips we’ve shared in this post.

The selected shipping company will most probably do a good job packaging your engagement ring and you will need to communicate if you don’t want it marked. Your main task is ensuring you have a plan to receive it. You can do this personally or have a trusted family member or friend help you.

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