5 Keyword Research Methods to Increase Visibility on Amazon!

Keyword Research

There are a few factors that can make your product stand out to the customers. One of them is if your product offers standard quality at a relatively low price. 

While price is still the main factor for customers to notice your product, when it comes to online shopping, keywords somewhat play the same role. 

Moreover, Amazon’s algorithm is also responsible for it as it shows only those products that are similar to the search terms used by the customers. Therefore, the key to making your product visible on Amazon is to use the most used search terms as your keywords. 

However, to find correct keywords, you need to do extensive keywords research. Are you confused about how to do Amazon keyword research? Don’t worry, as ahead are some of the methods that can help you start your Amazon keyword research.   

1.   Title Optimization

Your product’s title holds immense power in respect to making your product visible. It’s the first thing the Amazon algorithm scans once your targeted customers search the product. Therefore, you need to use critical terms of the keywords in your title. Not to mention, your title can only have 50 characters. So, choose the terms wisely and carefully. 

Furthermore, title optimization is tricky, as you need to relate it with your product, indicate that your product is unique and use the keywords that can rank your product in Amazon search. Thus, you can use additional devices to seek help from, such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Amazon Keyword tool or Sonar. 

2.   Optimise Your Product Page

Along with your title, you need to make sure that your page is filled with keywords. For this, you can use Amazon SEO tools that can help you in improving the ranking of your page altogether. 

However, just do not get carried away and fill your page with useless keywords that might increase the ranking but lack in their meaning. Ensure that the keywords you are using on your page are strictly related to your product one way or another. 

Furthermore, when it comes to your product page, you have several places where you can insert the keywords such as the title of your product, your product’s description etc. Thus, make the most of it and use as many keywords and long-tail keywords as possible.  

3.   Spy On Your Competitors

The easiest way to grab a bunch of keywords that you can optimise according to your preference is to take a review at your competitors’ page. For this, you need not go all the way down to the list. Just search the term to find your competitor’s product and select the top 10 listed products. 

Now all you need to do is observe how they have presented their page. Take a look at their description, product’s title, keywords etc. Get a vivid idea of how you are going to optimise your page and make it slightly different from your competitors. 

By doing so, you not only get keywords for your product but also get the idea of how to use those keywords.  

4.   Keyword Research Tools

Manually searching for the correct keywords could be hard for you, especially when you are new to this game. 

Thus, in the beginning, you can always seek help from professional tools. If you do not want to invest any penny on such tools, then you can go for the ones that provide most accurate data like Jungle Scout (Save 50% on Annual Plans), Helium 10 (2 Months get 50% OFF on Platinum) or Viral Launch.

However, if you can spare some pennies on Keyword Research tools, then it would be great for you to subscribe to any of the professional tools. 

This way, you get the service for at least a month, and a month is enough to research and find suitable keywords for your entire product page.  

5.   Your Personal Perspective

In the whole process, just do not get lost in the way. Nobody knows your product better than you. 

Thus, while searching for keywords and implementing them on your product’s page, keep your personal perspective in mind. You can use a few of your own unique keywords if you think that your product is unique. 

Not to mention, once your product gains popularity, those unique keywords are going to be the ones with which your customers will search your product. 

Therefore, you need to maintain your ranking on Amazon, but at the same time, you also need to stay relevant to your product and your own perspective on how you would like to view your own product. 

Final Thoughts on Keyword Research

Other than the keywords, there are other factors too that aid in the visibility of your product. For instance, you need to look out for the stock availability as it doesn’t matter whether you have the perfect product page; if you do not have enough stock, Amazon won’t list your product at all.

Another factor that’s important is to take care of your price strategy, as the customers always seek the best deals available. Therefore, try to provide the best you can. 

Keyword research article and permission to publish here provided by John Augustein. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 8, 2022.  

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