5 Advantages of Folding Boxes for Product Packaging!

Folding Boxes

A folding box is a form of paper-based packaging that can be folded and closed to keep your products safe. Folding boxes are useful for protection and marketing, as they protect your products, communicate their message and purpose, and attract potential customers.

If you fail to utilize them correctly, you could miss out on opportunities to elevate your brand and boost sales. But with so much reliance on the packaging, the process that creates them must be no less than perfect.

Packaging is a vital tool for your business. Yet, when choosing the packaging of your products, you need to consider several things. Various packaging options include folding boxes made of paper, window-cut boxes, based and lid boxes, or display boxes. When it comes to folding boxes, they provide incredible benefits to various industries ranging from cosmetics to food or beverages.

The most common advantages of folding boxes are:

1. Flexibility

Paper folding boxes are flexible and can be easily formed into different shapes. They are manufactured so that they can be customized in multiple styles, which is extremely useful for different industries. Besides their eye-catching exterior design, folding paper boxes can be turned into appealing shapes so that you can attract potential customers. 

2. Scope of Customization

Regardless of your industry, your products deserve to shine. Firstly, folding boxes are a preferred packaging option as they generally have a significant visual impact. You can customize your products’ packaging according to your needs and specifications. You can grab potential buyers’ attention with unique designs while showcasing your brand’s identity.

Moreover, their sizeable printable area is a valuable opportunity for communication with your customers, constantly encouraging their buying decisions, which often happens at the impulse stage.

3. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

More and more businesses are moving towards sustainability, and their products’ packaging is no exception. If you need eco-friendly, sustainable, yet customizable packaging, folding boxes may be what you are looking for. Furthermore, while they can be recycled and reused, these boxes are reliable and robust enough to meet the packaging needs of your items. 

4. Save Storage Space

Folding boxes are always delivered and stored flat, saving up to 85% of storage space, and are extremely easy to assemble. Additionally, they are about two to three times lighter than plastic or wooden boxes of the same size. The weight saving has a considerable impact on shipping costs and the space available inside the box (they can save up to 16% of generous space).

Moreover, on retail shelves, folding boxes can be stacked, stored, and viewed effectively while offering a wide variety of easy-to-open and re-close designs.

The benefits of folding boxes are twofold: you have more space to store your items and decreased shipping expenses when shipping orders to your clients or when receiving your shipment from your paper box manufacturer. 

5. Short Production time

Today, paper folding boxes are manufactured using modern cutting-edge technology. That means a short production time. Whenever you want to change your custom paper packaging artwork, you can easily do so to maintain a solid brand image. 

Why Custom Folding Boxes Can Be Beneficial to You

In today’s competitive market, a package is more than a container or shield for your products. As you compete for shelf space and consumer dollars, custom packaging is a valuable tool. Folding paper boxes represent a significant portion of consumer product packaging, playing an active part in point-of-sale strategy. Folding boxes offer a safe cocoon for your products, educate your buyers, and attract potential customers’ attention.

The creation of folding packaging includes two different workflows, representing the boxes’ structure and design. While packaging artwork continues to play a vital role in boosting your products’ visual appeal, you should never discount a folding box’s functional and practical advantages. 

The final touches of your custom folding packaging are also important, as they are often what your customers notice first. You can use this opportunity to convey your brand’s identity and help your items stand out in online settings and on crowded shelves. With premium packaging jam-packed with meaning, you can quickly draw a connection between your business and your customers, establishing not just a client but a loyal follower.

Unquestionably, choosing the right folding boxes can be beneficial for you. You can go the extra mile and select eye-catching embellishments, including raised ink, spot UV, embossing, debossing, gloss, or matte finishes that can help you create a standout design. Thanks to their many advantages, folding packaging can provide you the peace of mind that your products are kept safe while boosting your sales.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Klinta Kalnina. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 20, 2022. 

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