World of Warcraft: The Top Secret Locations You Should See!

World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, there are a lot of places that are hidden from players and only the most attentive and purposeful fans of this universe will be able to explore the whole world of this wonderful game.

In this article, we want to tell you about the top 4 secret places of WoW.

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In this article, let’s observe some of these World of Warcraft secret places.

Treasure on the island of Janeiro

In the heroic version of the updated Zul’Gurub you can take a quest to kill the last boss, Jin’do the Godbreaker. The next quest from this chain sends us after the treasures that are inside a huge statue in the Pirate Bay. Yes, there is a chest full of treasures and it is standing right in the statue, where everyone could see it! The chest contains the reward for the quest – a toy and several items of equipment for the characters-bankers.

Since this secret room opens when completing a quest, you will not be able to return to it when you want – for example, if you need a picturesque place to take a screenshot, record a stream or meet friends. Of course, if you are an ordinary player and prefer to just play rather than do the above, you will not need such a place, but if you suddenly urgently need a nook full of treasures – go to the island of Janeiro.

The Goblins’ Hideout in a Thousand Needles

The goblins’ shelter is located under a barge, on which quests are given out for pumping in a Thousand needles. To get inside, swim under the barge and find a hole in the bottom from which the anchor hangs. In the underwater shelter, there is a table with boxes of Chinese takeaway food, and a calendar with naked goblins hangs on the wall. And there are some strange mechanisms scattered around the room.

In a practical sense, the shelter is useless – it is located in the compartment where the anchors are removed, and if the barge is in the water, then the room is constantly flooded. How someone there managed to eat Chinese food and look at the calendar is a mystery. Most likely, this is just a small Easter egg from the developers, intended for curious researchers.

Secret settlement

The secret settlement is located north of the Veiled Stair in Pandaria. There are no quests and achievements related to this place in the game. You can get to the settlement by land transport, running along several rope ladders, or flying in by air transport. Some characters have names, but there is no history – all but one.

If you run outside the settlement and look into a small cave, you can stumble upon a Pandaren named Lord of the Hawks Liu surrounded by a flock of hawks. Liu stands out among the other inhabitants of the settlement with non-standard voice acting – instead of standard Pandaren phrases, he says something like “Shado-Pan’s friend is my friend” and talks differently with characters who are at different stages of completing the quest chain in the Townlong Steppes.

What this NPC says depends on whether the character has completed all the quests or not. In addition, the inhabitants of the Secret Settlement have no other connections with the outside world, and you can only wander there if you like to explore unusual places. It is possible that Liu’s non-standard voice acting is because initially, the developers planned to add a storyline to the settlement, but then they abandoned it, or maybe this is another Easter egg that no one has solved.

Andrestrasz Cave

This cave is located in the south of Ahn’Qiraj – not in a raid dungeon, but in an open location with the same name, on the coast itself. The entrance to the cave is located next to a huge tree, and a lone red dragon of the 5th level named Andrestrasz sleeps inside. There are no characters with this name in books and comics, which is strange because characters with names usually have a story or they are references to something interesting.

One of the players asked Blizzard representatives what they were talking about, and received this answer – one of the developers added a dragon to the game in honor of his five-year-old son as a joke. It is hardly worth taking such an answer as the ultimate truth, but it looks very plausible.

Since the game is full of riddles, for the solution of which you have to travel around the world, it is quite possible that in the future we will still have to visit Andrestraza – it looks too tempting. You will surely agree that there is some mystery in a dragon with a strange name, in its own cave, without quests and achievements leading to it.

There are many more places in the World of Warcraft universe that you might not know. Perhaps you will enjoy looking for such locations on your own – then you can try to do this in the new Dragonflight addon, which has already been released quite recently.

World of Warcraft article and permission to publish here provided by Evelina Brown. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on March 23, 2023.