How to Find and Hire a Perfect Game Development Team!

Game Development Team

Finding a game development team is always a challenge when it comes to finding competent professionals. One of the most difficult issues at the beginning is the lack of funding.

To attract investors, you have to prepare the project carefully. And for that, you need manpower (unity programmers for hire). The smart programmers make their own games or are already employed by large companies.

There are several ways of finding developers for a new project with a small budget. Before you start your search, you should have a clear idea of what the coder will do. One person is unlikely to be able to “do all the technical part“. And the tasks must be more specific.

Pushing the design, layout and analytics onto him means you are failing your business from the very beginning. Each employee must perform tasks within his or her area of expertise. Even if you find someone willing to take on this role alone, it’s not good.

So at the first stage analyze your competitors, research the market, develop a business plan, determine the prospects, properly distribute the tasks and the available budget, create a “skeleton” with which the developer can work. Only after that should you start looking for game programmers.

Recruitment Services

The most trivial way is to buy a CV database on a job search website or to post a vacancy there. In this case, be prepared for a long selection process and a lot of mistakes. You will get the wrong candidates to call, the wrong ones to come to you, you will spend a long time filtering the candidates at the stage of reviewing their resumes, at interviews and test assignments. This is at best.

At worst, your response rate will be very low. Good developers tend to avoid offers from single customers and seek out companies with more stable prospects (game design company). No matter how brilliant your idea is, you should give it to an experienced developer. All the more so if you can’t offer him a big salary.

Working for a share in a project

It is very popular among game developers to offer to work for a share of 20-30% in the project. As a rule, those who agree refuse after 2 months of work. You can understand them – you won’t be satisfied with promises, a share in the distant future cannot motivate for a long time. Usually nobody can say exactly when a project will be profitable or whether it will be profitable at all.

Besides, there is a risk that in case of success the previously runaway programmer will start demanding his share. So if you choose this option, the main advice is to think through the terms of the partnership and formalize the agreement in writing. By the way, a non-disclosure agreement would also be better.

How to assemble a team for a start-up among freelancers. If your goal is to create a high-quality, high-margin project, you need to look for specialists at least at the Middle level among remote developers. Especially if it is only one employee at first, Junior just can’t do it alone.

Take care of a highly skilled developer in advance. On the freelancing sites you can read reviews, look through the portfolio of your co-developers (they should contain projects similar to yours). Offer the selected candidates a decent wage. The cost of a remote worker will in any case be lower than the office one.


You can also find a team for game development from a web company. However, be aware that the cost of its services will be more expensive than hiring freelancers. However, the contractual relationship in this case guarantees that the specialist will not disappear at the most responsible moment, unlike a freelancer.

How to find a game development team from a recruitment agency. Perhaps the most time-efficient option is to contact a recruitment agency. The main advantage of this method is the client support programme. Experts analyse your requirements and quickly and accurately select candidates who are ready to work with you.

And a final question – how much to pay a coder. Again, it all depends on the level of the developer you will be able to pay on your budget and, accordingly, the terms of cooperation – office work, remote work by the hour, per share, etc.

If you need a programmer for game development or a whole team, many agencies have specialists in their databases who are willing to take on an interesting project.

Game development team article and permission to publish here provided by Filip Novak. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 18, 2022.

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