How to Shake Up Your Gaming Experience!

Gaming Experience

Are you getting a little bored with your usual gaming routine? If you feel like you’ve seen everything the video games you love have to offer and are looking for a new way to experience them, read on!

In this post, we’ll discuss some tips on how to shake up your gaming experience and make things a bit more interesting. Keep reading to find out more!

Get some cool new equipment 

A great way to mix things up is to try out some new equipment. A new controller or headset can make playing your favorite game feel like you’re experiencing it for the first time again! Of course, if you pick one that isn’t compatible with your system (or simply doesn’t like the way they work), then this tip won’t be much help to you. But, if you do get equipment that’ll work for you, this is an easy way to mix things up!

Try playing online

Online gameplay can be pretty fun- you can find everything from modern games to classics like chess– but you need to find the right community. It’s recommended that you try out multiple gaming forums before deciding where to play most of your games. Many forums also have rules about using cheats or hacks, so it’s important to read up on them before getting started.

You don’t want to spoil your experience, after all! Once you’ve found a good online community to play with, it’ll feel like the games have a whole new world of new experiences waiting for you!

If you still think playing online is no fun, then perhaps your current community isn’t worth exploring. In that case, try finding another one nearby and giving this tip another shot! The technology is constantly changing when it comes to online gaming, so you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to communicate and meet people. 

Play with friends

If you’ve grown tired of playing your games all by yourself, why not invite some friends over and engage in a little co-op or multiplayer action? Getting together to share the experience with one another can add a whole new level of excitement and enthusiasm. Just be sure that if you’re going to try out this tip, you’re able to coordinate with your friends first. Otherwise, you can end up with a group of disappointed gamers, and nobody wants that!

Try playing by yourself

If you’re still not into the idea of sharing your gaming experience with other people or would just prefer to play alone from time to time, then this tip might just be for you. Playing by yourself doesn’t have to be boring at all. You just have to find the right way to experience your games. 

You can even go so far as to craft unique and exciting challenges for yourself! Just be careful not to go too overboard because you can get overwhelmed quickly!

Change up how you play

Another way to shake things up is by changing the way you play your games. This could be as simple as playing on easy instead of hard or even drawing out your own levels with a game like Minecraft or Escape from Tarkov. It doesn’t matter what you change, just as long as you’re having fun!

Buy some new accessories 

Similar to getting new equipment, buying some new accessories can make a huge difference in the way that you play your favorite games. An example of an accessory that can add a lot to how you experience gaming is a headset. 

A really well-made and comfortable headset can help you stay immersed in your game and also allow for easier communication with teammates while playing online.

If you see something while playing a multiplayer game that catches your eye, a great headset can make the difference between looking away to type out a response and quickly communicating what you saw without ever leaving the experience! For these reasons, it’s been coined “the greatest accessory of all time”.

Try something different 

There are loads of different ways to game. Some people play shooter games. Others like to play casino games online. The latter is particularly popular at the moment, and there are loads of sites like where you can play.

Trying something different like this will help change your gaming routine and expose you to news of gaming online. There’s a whole community to get involved with, so get yourself out there! 

Work on your reaction time 

If you feel like your reaction time is lacking, try some games that will allow you to work on your ability while having fun. If you’re into shooters, try a custom game of Halo where everyone has infinite ammo, and no reloads. If you find something like Hold the Flag, this is perfect for reaction training because it can be extremely fast-paced at times.


By mixing things up and trying out new ways to game, you’ll get to experience your favorite games in new ways. This can prevent (or at least delay) boredom and keep things fresh! Try experimenting with some of these ideas today to change up your gaming experience!

Gaming experience article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 11, 2022.