The Best Cheap AWP Skins!

AWP Skin

There are many skins on the CS:GO market, and most of them are increasing in price. There are highly-priced AWP skins, which most players don’t think about buying.

For some players, unique patterns, special effects, and overall aesthetics are more important than price. Whether you’re a longtime CS:GO player or new to the game, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the AWP. This is one of the most popular weapons not only in CS:GO but also in the history of shooter games.

We have selected some cool-looking and reasonably priced AWP skins to go along with great computer graphics. Here are some of the best to boost your inventory without breaking the bank.

1. Wildfire

AWP Wildfire is a skin from the CS20 collection. It has a Chinese fire dragon running from the tail to the middle of the AWP. The fiery yellow color along with the smooth coloring of the rest of the AWP looks amazing.

The AWP Wildfire will set you back around $100 for the Factory New version and $58 for the Minimal Wear version. There is not much difference between both AWP skins, so players can buy the last one and save a little. 

AWP Skin

2. Atheris

What do we know about snakes? They are small and not very aggressive, but they can badly poison you, just like this rifle. In skillful hands, one accurate shot is enough for an enemy to die a brave death. The body is enveloped by a green and very spectacular snake, heading towards the trunk.

Despite its bright green color, the rifle remains discreet and stylish — a very difficult effect to achieve. The FN skin costs around $9, while the MW is $4. 

3. Dragon Lore

The popularity of this skin has gone so far beyond the limits of the game that almost every gamer knows it. It often appears in the lists of the most expensive virtual game items. What has caused the excitement? This skin is almost impossible to get as a result of the draw.

The more inaccessible the weapon, the more people talk about it, spurring the already considerable interest from gamers and collectors. In multiplayer game modes, you are guaranteed to impress anyone you come across with this skin.

4. Graphite

While being one of the unique skins in the game, AWP Graphite is really for lovers of the classics. It comes from the Bravo collection and has a black mosaic texture throughout its body. The skin shines when in contact with light: a simple but very nice design that won’t become boring over time. AWP Graphite Factory New costs about $144. We recommend buying the FN version as it is not too expensive.

5. Neo-Noir

This is a relatively new skin for AWP, which only appeared at the beginning of 2018. The skin looks really amazing: two stylish girls are painted in blue and pink along the entire length of the body, like comic book heroines.

The author was very careful with small details, giving both the barrel and optics an unusual design. Available in Field-Tested condition, one of the best AWP skins for CS:GO doesn’t look so brutal. The FN version of the skin can be purchased for $32. 

6. Asiimov

Asiimov is a legendary skin and most gamers’ dream. To be honest, nobody can resist its orange and black geometric details which very successfully combine with the white background. The pattern and coloring does not symbolize anything, but the overall picture looks amazing.

Even in Battle-Scarred condition, it does not lose its nice appearance, except for a couple of barely noticeable abrasions in the handle area. For the Field-Tested skin, you will have to pay about $193, but it’s a reasonable price to get yourself one of the most iconic AWP skins in a CS:GO video game without breaking the bank. 

7. Medusa

Medusa is still an incredibly rare AWP skin. It is custom painted with the image of a gorgon and is part of the “Gods and Monsters” collection. The dark blue texture only affects the body, bypassing the barrel and back. A heavy look from the snake-haired Medusa can lead to hypnosis.

A successful shot at the target will make this process lethal. The color of the sea, blue and olive shades are successfully combined. At the same time, the skin does not lose its style even with maximum wear. 

The AWP is an extremely powerful and popular weapon in the game, so the demand for its skins is just crazy. What is your favorite AWP skin and shooter game? Share your ideas with us in the comments.

AWP Skins article and permission to publish here provided by Kevin Murray. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on July 11, 2022.

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