Top 5 Programmatic Advertising Channels!

Programmatic Advertising

Different channels for programmatic advertising were created to make ad campaigns effective. If this tool is applied, the ads are placed on websites without human participation. It is also helpful for publishers and optimization of their inventories. 

Let us discover the basics of this modern tool and find out what the top channels for brands are. 

Basics of Advertising without Humans

Programmatic advertising is the automatic purchase of advertising inventory on publisher sites. This service is used by many companies for the automation of their ad campaigns to purchase, place, track, and optimize the ads. Many channels propose additional editing tools for the design. For publishers, the channels are useful for managing the space that is sold for ads on the resources they use.

If we would like to distinguish the best channels for such type of advertising, it will be not an easy task, but let us try.


This ecosystem can fulfill all the needs of those who are interested in proper advertising. It consists of an omnichannel DSP, platforms for data management, supply-side, and exchange of the ads. A white-label tool is also available here. 

The channel works with desktop versions and mobile phones. Ad blockers do not work in mobile apps – there is no binding to cookies, which can limit targeting settings. By the way, about targeting – you can set up ads for a dozen parameters, ranging from the same interests to the user’s mobile operator.

Advertising formats that can be used are also extensive: there are both static and dynamic banners, with which, you can implement different creatives and connect gamification, video, placement in a native format, etc.


Together with this software, we get the possibility to create and fully manage advertising campaigns. There is a premium ad inventory tool. The inventory can be imported into the channel by the brand. Moreover, there is such a unique tool as a programmatic TV purchasing solution. 

The process is really fast. It is possible to reach a specific audience by placing ads on the right site and setting targeting. Information about the user is available in the same amount as when launching advertising on social media. In addition, by placing ads through this programmatic technology, you can get access to various exchanges around the world. 

This channel is localized and allows advertisers to purchase the ad inventory. The target audience can be gathered on different criteria, including the device, its operating system, browser, location, etc. The CRM data can be imported to increase the targeting. At last, you can utilize report templates and regularly generate in-depth analytics for a better understanding of your advertising campaign. 

Programmatic advertising spans multiple devices and formats, from desktops and websites to smartphones and mobile apps. The ads are run in mobile applications through these programmatic technologies. Advertising on mobile devices allows you to reach different audience segments depending on socio-demographic characteristics, location, and interests.

You will work with large SSPs around the world, and a pool of mobile applications where you can place ads is more than 100,000.


Due to this channel, a marketer can integrate data from different resources, segregate them into fragments, and only then activate them. Therefore, advertisers can find the most important audience according to their aims. The omnichannel DSP cares about all the ads included in the action. In addition, there are several useful creation functions here.

You will be able to launch an advertising campaign from scratch, develop a media plan and advertising creatives, and optimize the campaign to achieve better results.


This solution will be useful for all the people who are involved in the campaign due to its high quality. There is a variety of formats for planning and managing the entire process. Also, the fraud-free tool is available together with the in-depth analytics that is great for further activity. 

Today, there are many channels for this type of advertising, and the selection process of the best one can be really tiresome. Look for transparent and flexible platform with analytics and always check the following features:

  • Tariffs and the presence of an onboarding and monthly fee.
  • Available inventories and their quality.
  • Targeting and capabilities for personalization.
  • Security measures for tracking different types of frauds.
  • Presence and quality of the help service.

Try to find all the available information about the channel that you want to use, compare it with alternatives, and stay successful.

Altogether, when choosing a channel and method of promotion, you need to rely on goals and audience. Advertising in search engines or social media is likely to work best to increase sales. Social media, display media, and programmatic advertising, particularly in mobile applications, can be used to increase brand awareness and in the case when your aim is to launch a new product to the market.

Programmatic advertising article and permission to publish here provided by Robin at PR Media. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 6, 2022.