The Benefits of a Weighbridge for Your Business


As businesses grow in this era of technology, they aim to enhance their efficiency and productivity. Technology makes businesses more efficient and productive in the best possible ways. The development of weighting technologies, such as a weighbridge, also contributes to improving the efficiency of businesses.

A weighbridge is a device that is used to measure the weight of loaded/unloaded trucks and vehicles. It is also used to manage the incoming and outgoing vehicles. The present-day weighbridges are so advanced that they provide data regarding stock levels.

Let us explore all the benefits of a weighbridge for a business.

Saves Time

Weighbridge accessories increase the effectiveness of your weighing capabilities. These include technology such as ‘Driver Operated Consoles’ that allow the driver to complete the loading process from inside the cab, thus completing the operation much faster.

In addition, you can also install vehicle barriers and guide rails to control the flow of traffic and prevent vehicles from falling off the weighbridge. These barriers allow the installation of a more regulated system, in addition to reducing costs related to the damage that vehicles do on the platform.

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Saves Cost

If a truck is not loaded fully, it can incur a loss to the company, which means what should have enhanced its revenue will be lost due to partly loaded vehicles. However, when using a weighbridge, the space in the vehicle will be used at its optimum level.

As you may already know, overloading increases the wear and tear of vehicles and shortens their life. A weighbridge can help a business avoid the overloading of vehicles. It means that companies will save loads of money by avoiding overloading.

Driver operator terminal

With driver-operated terminals, on an unmanned weighbridge station a business can utilize the real power of weighbridge. There is an easy driver interface that can be voice activated, simplifying the entire process of vehicles entering and leaving your site. The terminals come with unlimited storage of information about the driver, the supplier, the weight and the product also mean that you will have all the data you need for operation.

Improves Safety

No one should feel unsafe in the workplace if they want to work hopefully. A weighbridge gives drivers the assurance that the vehicle they are driving is fully compliant and fit for the purpose for which it is being used.

Additionally, avoiding vehicle overload promotes the safety of other road users and minimizes damage to road surfaces, overpasses, and bridges. Therefore, from a road safety point of view, it is important to load vehicles correctly; weighbridge is one of the best ways to do that.

Traffic management

If you are following an automated weighbridge system, you will not depend on drivers entering and leaving the site to do so responsibly. To help with this, automated traffic management systems can be combined with driver-controlled weighbridge terminals, which means you still have complete control over the number of vehicles entering and leaving your site, without worrying about congestion. 

License plate number recognition

Sometimes referred to as ANPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) cameras, your license plate recognition cameras will integrate with automated Weighbridge software to simplify the automation of your weighbridge. This means that you can get an additional layer of security for your site, delivering a smooth transmission of data with your database.

Fast Supply Chain management

If you play an integral role in the supply chain of your industry or specific product, an accelerated system for inbound and outbound vehicles will have a huge impact. As a faster and more reliable company, you can present your clients as leaders in their field and solutions to their problems.

An added bonus: In times like an COVID-19 pandemic or other crisis, an accelerated supply chain can help keep the economy moving and ensure critical supplies and equipment are delivered to those who need them.


Fines and penalties for overloaded vehicles are a total waste of money. You do not need to pay such penalties. A weighbridge will ensure that your vehicle complies with the law, especially with regard to the payload.

Enhanced Productivity

Productivity and efficiency guarantee profits in any business. By installing a weighbridge, businesses can practice the optimal loading of vehicles at all times. Therefore, you waste no time and effort to reload the truckload.

Advanced vehicle management

This may be surprising, but it is true. A Weighbridge can function as a comprehensive vehicle management system that will interact with other company software to perform detailed analysis and generate reports. A business can optimize its fleet management operation using such analytics and reports.

Customer protection

Using Weighbridge to obtain accurate vehicle measurements allows you to protect customers who purchase products made by your fleet.

Since the price of many products depends on their weight, it is important to ensure that your weighing equipment and the procedures provided are sufficient to protect consumers from incorrect product weight.

Even honest companies can fall prey to poor customer satisfaction and complaints if they are not sure that their team is generating the right data all the time, as this can inadvertently mislead consumers.

Software integration

Many new machines feature bridge weighting software that allows you to communicate data and information with other systems for future use in business activities.

In addition, they can also communicate with commonly used software packages such as SEZ and SAP. This reduces the time required to transfer data between computers and helps to make tasks such as accounting and reporting more efficient.

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Weighbridge Final Words

These are some best benefits of weighbridge for your business. It saves time and cost for your business and also enhances its efficiency and productivity.

Also, they enable you to make the process more safe and secure for your employees and customers. Automated weighbridges help you to serve your customers in the best possible ways and retain them.

Weighbridge article and permission to publish here provided by Emily Bartels. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on November 4, 2020.

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