Play Crazy Time and Funky Time: Strategies and Tips to Help You Win Big!

Crazy Time and Funky Time

Are you thinking about the best day to win at casino? You are in the right place then! Crazy Time won the hearts of players around the world, as it turned out to be a new generation game, available to everyone, allowing you to win real money.

Crazy Games remains one of the most popular games, although the developers of Evolution Gaming have created a new game that is similar to Crazy Time, but even more dynamic and improved. It also offers a large number of bonuses and possible strategies to help you win big during any round.

Funky Time live casino game show, like Crazy Time, is available to players of all levels – beginners as well as more experienced players will be able to play it.

In this article, we will look at the Crazy Time game and also compare it with Funky Time info. Here you will also find tips to help improve your gaming experience.

Tips for Maximizing Your Crazy Time Experience

Before you start playing Crazy Time or Funky Time’s official website link, you should think about your strategy and what you could do to maximize your gains. There are some tips that will help you play wisely, to be strategic, and of course improve your game style in every new round even if you are not on your best days to win at casino!

  1. Learn the rules and possible strategies of other players. This is the basis of how to find the best time to win at casino. Understand the basic rules, learn how the Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt and Crazy Time bonus rounds work. This info will allow you to make informed decisions and increase your chances of winning.
  2. Develop your betting strategy. After studying the rules, as well as basic strategies, you can develop your betting strategy. Try to distribute your bets so that you can win on the regular multipliers as well as on the spinning wheel bonus segments. Also, don’t forget to set limits, because only a thoughtful game will offer you a safe game that is aimed at the result.
  3. Get ideas from experienced players. In order to become an experienced and advanced player, it is important to watch what others are doing. For example, you can join online forums or communities on social media dedicated to Crazy Time and Funky Time to get inspired by the strategies of more experienced players, as well as exchange experiences with others. This is one of the surest ways to improve your strategy and tactics.

Now that you are aware of tips for maximizing your game experience in Crazy Time, it’s time to talk about Funky Time, which is a new game of Evolution Gaming. How to be successful at Evo Funky Time? Read our main tips below and choose the best time to go to casino!

Strategies for Winning at Evolution gaming Funky Time

What is Funky Time game? Funky Time is a very cool game with a disco dance floor atmosphere right from the 1970’s. But as for Crazy Time, it’s important to know some helpful tips to know how to get higher winnings. 

  1. Analyze every step. Learn the rules of Funky Time and analyze how each segment of the spinning wheel works. This information will help you develop your optimal strategy, as well as understand how best to distribute your bets in order to win in the end.
  2. Define your goals. In every game, even if it is clear and simple, it is important to define your goals and clearly understand what you want to achieve. Don’t chase losses and don’t be tempted to over-bet in pursuit of big wins.
  3. Think over your betting strategy depending on bonuses. Where is Funky Time studio? Funky Time provides the largest number of attractive bonuses compared to other games. And if you correctly make a combination of bets, you can achieve high winnings.

Of course, there are many more tips and techniques about the best times to win at the casino. We listed the most important ones to emphasize the fact that it’s important to have good strategies and to know exactly what every segment will bring you. 

Advanced Techniques & responsible game

There are a lot of advanced techniques, which could be helpful once you understand how everything works. When you will be confident, betting wisely, having a winning strategy, you can try to apply mathematical and statistical principles. There are also psychological tactics and mind games strategies that could be useful to maximize your winning and enhance your game experience in Crazy Time or Funky Time casino hack

However, whatever you choose as strategy, don’t forget to play wisely and set limits on your playing time and experience. Try to not gamble, if you are not prepared or you haven’t enough strategy to bet wisely. 


Crazy Time and Funky Time evolution gaming are exciting games for those who are looking for the best days to go to the casino, designed by Evolution Gaming, that allow you to play in a pleasant atmosphere and win nice amounts. Enjoy the game, but don’t forget to build a smart strategy and set your goals every time you lose. Good luck and have good rounds!

Crazy Time and Funky Time article and permission to publish here provided by Jamie Woods. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 27, 2023.