Casino Secrets: How Not to Go Broke!

Casino secrets

In gambling establishments, ordinary inhabitants are attracted by a mysterious atmosphere, elegant people, and the spirit of luxury offered by casino secrets.

Here you can drink, chat and enjoy delicious food. And also bring home a million stories about how someone guessed the number on the roulette wheel seven times in a row, and someone made a hundred, betting just one dollar.

In this article, we will tell you about some casino secrets that you should keep in mind if you want to play in a casino.

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How much money to take to play

So you’ve decided to spend the evening at the casino. The first emotional hurdle you will face is will I be an outsider? Won’t I look like a black sheep with $50 in my pocket? Many people think that casinos are only for rich people with huge sums. Relax, both the guests and the staff of the institution absolutely do not care how much money you have.

When heading to the casino and calculating your budget for the evening, imagine that you are going to a restaurant or karaoke. How much would you spend? A thousand or two hundred dollars? Everyone decides for himself what percentage of income to spend on entertainment because in a standard casino there is equipment designed for every taste and pocket.

If you are considering card games, then for three to four hours of relaxed time at the table you will need about 1000 conventional units, but do not rush to draw conclusions, each type of entertainment in the casino is designed for a certain wallet.

Cards, roulette, or slot machine?

What to choose? Visitors usually begin their acquaintance with the casino with slot machines – there are many types with a high return percentage, as well as a wide range of rates and denominations. Behind the machine, the game takes place independently.

If you were planning to spend the evening in seclusion, then this is just your story. Feel free to ask operators for advice, they will help you choose the type of device with a smile and teach you how to set the line and bet. Games are constantly updated, and there are many versions, but they have one task – to entice with bright pictures, and melodic sounds and lure you into the process. In many casinos, the background music consists of a synchronized beat that forces you to press the “Start” button every second.

In a calm and secluded environment, you can learn the basics and understand the principles of winning. After that, go to the live game with the dealer. Here, too, you should not rush, because the minimum bets can be placed on numbers, but remember that the probability of guessing the number is one in 37 in the European version.

That is why you should start with simple odds, even though the bets on them are more expensive – red or black, even or odd, the first half or second half of roulette. Here the probability of guessing tends to be fifty percent, it’s simple and interesting.

Casino Secrets

Many mistakenly believe that the casino is a complete scam. This is not so, all the games presented are subject to standard rules, there are approved standards for communicating with guests, and holding draws, and the percentage of return of devices is generally regulated by the state. But all institutions use absolutely legal tricks in their own way.

The interior and arrangement of equipment in them obey the principle of a labyrinth. You will never meet cash desks and toilets at the entrance – all this is done so that you make your way inside, inspecting the machines and gaming tables along the way, and be sure to linger. Having a wardrobe is also a thoughtful move. You will not be able to enter the casino for 5 minutes and quickly test your luck. To take off your jacket means to stay for a long time.

Every schoolchild knows about the absence of windows, sources of daylight, and clocks – the time for the game should go unnoticed. But blank walls are also a guarantee of your privacy if the casino is located on a busy street because no one can see the players inside.

The friendly staff is one of the most important features in a casino – guests should always have the impression that they are loved and very welcome here. This works well with those with low self-esteem.

How to hit the jackpot

In order to win at the casino, you need to follow a few rules and constantly control your appetite. Going to a restaurant and a casino is essentially the same thing – it’s entertainment, but in the case of eating food, you feel full, and in the case of excitement, there are no boundaries.

Luck in your pocket

Therefore, the first and most important condition is to clearly define the budget for the game. At first, the so-called “left pocket rule” will help you. The bottom line is that in one compartment of your pants you put the amount that you are morally ready to spend that evening, preferably broken into small bills or chips.

When changing tables and machines and withdrawing your prizes, put all the winnings in another pocket, for example, the right one. Do not count and do not look at how much money is there, in a word, do not count on them. As soon as your stash is empty – leave the institution. And at home, you can already enjoy the amount of winnings.

Casino secrets article and permission to publish here provided by Alex Johnson. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 6, 2022.