How to Unlock Agents in Valorant!

Agents in Valorant

Are you looking for quick, easy, and free ways to unlock agents in Valorant? If yes, you are at the right place. By the end of this article, you will have scores of ways to unlock agents in Valorant. Plus, you will also get valuable info like which agents to unlock first, etc.

You play video games to have fun and Valorant is fun only when you keep unlocking agents.. Although it is a team based game, you do not have access to the agents unlocked by your teammates.

You need to have your own pool of agents to make the game not only fun but also worth playing. Because if you want to win games, you need a pool of unlocked Valorant agents.

Sometimes agents get automatically unlocked when you reach the high rank! Reaching high rank can be hard but now you can choose rank boosting for valorant to increase your rank and unlock agents! 

Ways to Unlock Agents in Valorant

Below are several ways you can unlock Valorant agents. Some are instant, while some are free. So,  everyone can have something that suits them.

1. Agent Recruitment Events

You can also unlock Valorant agents for free in Agent Recruitment Events. These events automatically activate on the day a new agent is released and remain active for 28 days. As you make progress and earn XP for Agent Recruitment, you’ll also accumulate Kingdom Credits. Which you can use later to retain the agent permanently.

In case, you do not get access to agents in the Agent Recruitment Event you can buy them later when they become available in the agent store.

2. Experience Points

You can also use experience points to unlock Valorant agents. These are the points you earn while playing the game. This is best if you don’t want to spend money.

3. Radiant Points

Another way to unlock Valorant agents is by using Radiant Points. You will get Radiant points by completing daily and weekly challenges. Then, you can use these points to unlock agents.

4. Kingdom Credits

You can also unlock Valorant agents using Kingdom Credits. This is relatively new you can use. You need to have only 8k Kingdom credits to unlock one Valorant agent. And, the best thing is that you get Kingdom credits just by playing the game in mode or by completing daily rewards.

This means you don’t have to use your real money. But, you need to be very cautious of your behaviour. Because you won’t receive any KC if your behavior was disruptive during the match.

5. Valorant Points – The fastest way to unlock Valorant agents

All the ways mentioned above require time. But, with Valorant Points, you will instantly unlock and get access to any Valorant agent. Valorant Points are basically the game money that you can have using your real money. You can get any agent of your choice in just  1000 Valorant Points.

Although this is the fastest way to get access to Valorant agents, only choose this one if you have money.

6. Game Pass – Instant + Cheap

Another way to get instant access to Valorant agents is through a game pass. All you need to do is to link your Xbox game pass to Valorant. You can get one for $1 for the first month. This means you will have all Valorant agents unlocked even the newly launched for a dollar only.

Get that for a month only. Use this opportunity to earn maximum XPs which you can use to permanently unlock Valorant agents after one month.

7. Free Agents

Valorant periodically rotates a set of agents that are available for free, allowing players to try different agents without unlocking them permanently. These free agents change over time, so you can experiment with various play styles before deciding which ones to unlock permanently. 

Which Valorant Agents Should I Unlock First?

If you are a beginner wondering which agents should you unlock first then you should for Reyna, Brimstone, and Killjoy.

How Long Does it Take to Unlock a Valorant Agent?

On average, unlocking an agent takes a similar amount of time as it did to complete Level 5 of an Agent Contract before. This time frame may vary based on individual gameplay.

How Many Valorant Agents Can I Unlock at One Time?

You can unlock multiple Valorant agents simultaneously. There is no limit on it.


In conclusion, as you unlock each agent, you’re not merely gaining access to a character; you’re unlocking a new dimension of gameplay. So, whether you choose to earn experience points through regular play, strategically invest Radiant Points or Valorant Points, or diligently progress through Agent Contracts, embrace the journey.

Let the agents be your companions in this adventure, each offering a unique melody to harmonize with your play style.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Usman Javed. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 5, 2024.

Cover photo provided by Usman Javed.

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