Easy Hacks to Declutter Your Office!


Decluttering your office is a no-brainer. It will make managing your files and other resources a lot easier – plus, your working environment will suddenly become more spacious and vibrant. After all, it’s difficult for employees to concentrate when everywhere they turn is a mess. So, if you need to declutter your office you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are some easy-to-follow decluttering hacks that are designed specifically for companies as well as entrepreneurs who might work from their own offices at home. 

1.   Go paperless

When it comes to office clutter, one of the biggest culprits is usually paper. From piles of documents and contracts to marketing and sales printouts, it doesn’t take long for paper to start appearing everywhere. Before you know it, every desk in your office is covered in paper. For practical reasons, this is bad – but it’s also bad for the environment. 

Logically, then, the first step of your office decluttering process is to go paperless. To speed up this process, it’s recommended that you start to deal with documents digitally moving into the future. For example, rather than printing off files, you can view them in PDF form on your computers and business phones.

Additionally, instead of printing and sending contracts to clients, you should send them via email. For extra efficiency, you can include the option for electronic signatures on these documents, which will enable your clients to sign them over the internet. There are many DocuSign competitors that can help with this process. 

2.   Hire a weekly cleaner

If you’re constantly rushed off your feet, you might not have the opportunity to clean your office as much as you like. This isn’t a problem, though, as all you need to do is hire a cleaner to come in on one set day per week. Or, if your office isn’t too bad in terms of clutter, a cleaner might only have to come in once per month. 

Ensure that you have a proper working ventilation system for your premises.

3.   Include recycling bins and boxes

No matter how big or small your office is, you should include some recycling bins and boxes for your team to use. This will help your business to cut down on waste and office clutter whilst ultimately making the earth a safer place. Even if you work from an office in your home, a single recycling bin is better than none at all!

4.   Make use of shelves

Shelves are often underutilized in offices. Rather than filling up your shelves with needless rubbish, you should turn them into a home for items such as books and spare tech equipment such as headsets. And if you don’t have any shelves, you could use office storage cabinets as another solution.  

5.   Cut down on unnecessary items

Lots of offices are stacked with unnecessary items, whether it’s plastic cutlery or old documents that no longer serve a purpose. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to give your office a thorough examination so that you can remove items that are outdated and not needed anymore. You’ll soon start to free up space and make your office feel more pleasant and organized. 

Declutter article and permission to publish here provided by Carol Trehearn. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on November 20, 2021.