Quantum Leap to the Top 10 Supply Chain Skills of the Future!

There are many exciting quantum leap advances in Technology these days!

The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Robotics, Industry 4.0, Big Data and Analytics, and Digitalization are all phrases that are emblematic of revolutionary changes both today and in the future.

It is important to know that these changes are not just impacting Manufacturing, Engineering and I/T.  These technological advances will impact every aspect of our personal and working lives.  And one area that will be driving these quantum leap changes is Supply Chain!

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To Centralize or to Decentralize? That is the Organization Design Question!

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It seems that every time there is a Management change in an organization there is movement to change the existing organization structure.

In some cases your Function or company is decentralized and new management wants to centralize everything.  In the opposite case they want to centralize everything.  And certainly there are organization structures which are a hybrid of both paradigms.

But in the Supply Chain world what is the best way to organize the function?

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Easy Hacks to Declutter Your Office!

Decluttering your office is a no-brainer. It will make managing your files and other resources a lot easier – plus, your working environment will suddenly become more spacious and vibrant. After all, it’s difficult for employees to concentrate when everywhere they turn is a mess. So, if you need to declutter your office you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are some easy-to-follow decluttering hacks that are designed specifically for companies as well as entrepreneurs who might work from their own offices at home. 

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Organize Your Business for Efficiency and Success!

When it comes to business, there are many things to take into account. You want your company to develop, so you’ll focus on improving your market strategy and training your employees so that you can receive maximum success rates. However, you probably didn’t take into account that the way in which you organize your business and your space is just as important. 

There are many tasks and processes to see to at your business. for each day you’ve cut your work cut out for you, but there are usually other, additional things that you’ll have to manage throughout the day.

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