Different Ways Business Cards Impact Your Brand!

Impact of Business Cards

With the age of digital media peaking and people consuming content mainly through digital mediums, such as smartphones or laptops, you’ll wonder why you need to think of business cards for branding at all.

But we’ve got loads of reasons for you to think otherwise and truly realise the impact a business card can have on your brand.


A business card is often the first visual representation of your brand’s identity. It also provides necessary contact information in one place. From the most elite clients to everyday customers, it is proof of your existence that stays with the customer long after or even before you have done business with them.

How you design your card and what you put on it can also be a sign of professionalism. It can even include the name of the contact person to make it more human. Make sure you cover all corners.

Why Not Digital?

Yes, being digital is convenient, but can feel a little impersonal. Texting or emailing consumers your details will not be the same as having a little chat and giving them your uniquely designed business card. They will recall that interaction while reading your card and saving that information.

SEO, email marketing, and content are great ways to get the attention of consumers. However, have you ever wondered why someone with not-so-great content can connect with more consumers easily? Personal selling is crucial for a lot of businesses. Sometimes they trust the owner more based on the interactions they have with it. A business card might just cement that belief and makes for great recall.

Most of all, customers will have a face to put to every time they read your card or come across your business on other mediums or in person. You want to be remembered out of the countless people they meet every day.

A Statement

For a great first impression, you will want a good business card that visually represents your business and brand well. From business card sizes to designs, colours, thickness, and even material, there is a lot you can do on a card to put your best foot forward. The more creative your design, the better. They may even share your card with others because it looks cool.

Business cards make a statement. If you’re a cruelty-free business that only deals in organic products, a similarly themed business card will put that message forward subtly. If you’re a stationery business, you will likely choose an embossed or brightly coloured print on the card with a textured paper base. Similarly, an accounting firm might opt for a minimalistic black and white look to show professionalism in its own way.

Business cards are a visual representation of a business’s values, personality, and relevance. Relevance is important because the way you put information on the card shows how well you know your consumers. If you’re targeting the elderly, you won’t put a TikTok handle on it. If you’re targeting young adults and teenagers, including just an email address is not enough.

Promotional Tools

Business cards can make amazing promotional tools. You can put discount vouchers or a coupon on them, and people will likely keep them.  When someone does avail of that discount or promotional offer, you will know how effective your business card was.

Café businesses often use stamp cards. Every time a customer shops, they can get their card stamped. After a set number of stamps, they are given a promotional discount or a free drink.

Multiple Uses

What if your business card was more useful to your customer?  Rather than just having your information, your business card becomes something a customer uses every day. You can integrate a lot of useful things that are relevant to your business in a little card.

If you sell plants, it’s a good idea to put seeds inside your card with brief instructions on how to plant them. A cheese business can sell metal business cards as small cheese graters. You can also give out business cards that have a USB drive attached. It comes in handy, is super useful, and will be kept the consumer.

Get a Business Card

Business cards can do a lot. They showcase your business on your terms with a unique personality. They can be made into useful tools for the customer or fun and interactive.. Business cards can also be used for promotional offers. The bottom line is that you can do a lot with a small card that can impact your business in many positive ways.

Business cards article and permission to publish here provided by Alex Chapman. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 25, 2021.

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