You Need Promotional Stationery to Market Your Business!

Promotional Stationery

If you’re looking for some tried-and-tested ways to boost your business, here are some promotional stationery ideas you can invest in. 

Everybody knows that it’s the marketing and advertising strategy that will make a business grow even more than a business’s prices. This is why it’s so important to focus on marketing. In today’s digital world, there is a lot of emphasis on digital marketing. 

However, offline marketing methods are just as effective as digital marketing and can often reach a demographic that digital marketing cannot. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, these traditional marketing methods are slowly being lost with the advent of digital.

Personalized Pens and Pencils

Here, you print your logo and other relevant information on pens and pencils. The great thing about pens and pencils is that they can be carried anywhere. These investments keep advertising for you passively, and it’s practically free to reach a wide range of people.

You can get promotional pens from Steel City Marketing to ensure high-quality products are associated with your brand. Additionally, you can add a catchy promotional message to this type of stationery so that it looks attractive and draws the eye. 

Customized Calendars

Promotional calendars give you the opportunity to advertise to your clients and the people around them all year long. These promotional products can be hung up in your own shop and given out to your clients or customers.

While most people use calendars on their phones, the older or more offline demographic still keep this stationery around in their house. Brand these well, and they can serve as a constant reminder of your products or services annually. 

Personalized Sticky Notes 

Post-It notes are a staple in every office. These promotional products look very lucrative and can become quite highly sought after. They are helpful for the home and the office, so don’t hesitate to offer them to an at-home customer.

The best part of this promotional stationery is that you can have your brand on each of the notes. When you hand these gifts out to a customer, you can be sure they’ll be reminded of your business with every use.

Customized Folders and Files

Promotional folders and files with your brand on them can be an excellent investment. This is especially true if your target demographic includes a lot of parents. Since schools give out a lot of assignments, they can use them for their children. This will keep your promotional products in use and in the mind of your customer. This can get you repeat business, even if they come in for more folders! 

Personalized Diaries and Notebooks

Promotional stationery like personalized diaries and notebooks are some of the most traditional forms of promotional products. This type of promotional stationery is useful because it can be used every day.

Being in everyday use can passively build a lot of goodwill with your customer, and they will end up more likely to recommend you to their wider social circle. Since these are more prominent forms of promotional stationery, you can include something like a promo code in it so that when your customer runs out of your product, they already have a discount in hand for your business. 

Custom Highlighters

This promotional item can, once again, be useful for a business that caters to a large section of working professionals and parents. Since highlighters are in near-constant use in both office and school settings, they will spread the news of your business to nearly every home in your local area. As a result, your shop can become a household name, and your brand will become instantly recognizable to anyone who passes by your shop.

Clipboards with Your Logo

Clipboards are excellent promotional items to have on hand for those catering to parents. Every child uses a clipboard at some point or the other during their time in school.

Having a few clipboards in the office in your shop can allow you to seize opportunities to build goodwill in the local community. You can even give these out for free with your brand name on them at local high schools or sell them there at reduced prices. 

Final Note

The branded merchandise has many benefits. They are a form of passive advertising where you make a one-time investment, and you reap the benefits for a long time to come. A customer views them as gifts, which builds goodwill for your business within your customer base.

You penetrate markets that digital cannot and reach out to customers you didn’t know existed, which widens the scope of your business. So don’t waste any time and make a plan to get personalized stationery today!  And don’t forget how business cards can impact your brand.

Promotional stationery article and permission to publish here provided by Nikki Gabriel. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on June 25, 2021.

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