Cross Country Shipping Guide: Everything You Need to Know!

Cross Country Shipping

Are you new to car shipping services? Or are you looking for ways to learn more about the cross country shipping process? If yes, we are here to help.

Shipping companies are shipping professionals with years of experience and knowledge in every aspect of shipping services. From arranging appropriate shipping methods to helping you with paperwork, a shipping company assists you throughout the shipment process.

To be specific, shipping companies handle everything involved in car shipping to help enjoy a seamless car shipping experience. 

Whether you want to ship one or more vehicles at a time, with shipping services, you can safely and securely ship your vehicles anywhere across the country. Compared to intrastate or short-distance shipping services, cross-country shipping services can be time-consuming and costly.

In this article, we will walk you through some vital information that will help discover the best ways to ship a car across the country

What is Cross Country Car Shipping?

Interstate or shipping a car anywhere across the country is known as cross-country car shipping services. Usually, cross-country car shipping services mean shipping from one end to another country. Some shipping companies only cover a few neighboring states and mention cross-country shipping services.

Therefore, you should always conduct a background check and learn about the services of the shipping company before finalizing your shipment. 

Open and enclosed auto transport are the two popular car shipping service options for cross-country shipping. Select the shipping option that offers the best services at affordable rates. 

Factors That Affect Cross Country Shipping Costs

1. Distance 

Long-distance shipping services are usually more expensive and time-consuming than short-distance shipping services. Shipping companies charge hefty fees for cross-country services because of the complex shipping variables involved in the process. To save a significant amount of money during transit, opt for terminal-to-terminal over door-to-door shipping services. 

2. Shipping services 

Types of shipping services can also majorly affect your overall shipping costs. Open auto transport is one of the most affordable and convenient shipping methods. In this method, you can cost-effectively ship more than one vehicle at a time. Another popular and expensive shipping method to choose from is enclosed auto transport. 

3. Time of the year 

During harsh weather conditions, it becomes challenging and risky for shipping companies to transport vehicles from one place to another. It requires more resources and manpower to complete one delivery in the required time frame. Additionally, you might also find an increase in shipping costs during a high customer demand period. 

4. Vehicle condition 

Non-functional; vehicles require additional labor and resources to transport vehicles from one location to another. This eventually increases the overall cost of car shipping. Hence, you should drive your vehicle multiple times to maintain its efficiency and determine exciting problems before the transit. 

How to Safely Ship a Luxury Vehicle Across the Country?

1. Prepare your vehicle 

It is always best to remove unnecessary items from your car before the shipment to avoid theft and other related problems. Keeping your vehicle light will help the service provider lift your car more easily and effectively. 

2. Run maintenance checks 

Running maintenance checks will help you discover existing problems with your vehicle and treat them before the shipping process. The maintenance service will also help you prepare your vehicle for long-distance transportation.  

3. Submit your documents carefully 

It is crucial to submit documents properly to avoid delays and legal problems during the shipment process. Based on the submitted documents, the state shipping authorities will decide whether your car passes the inspection. 

Stay updated throughout the process and track your car shipment to know timely details about your vehicles. 

Cross Country Shipping article and permission to publish here provided by Daron Lowe. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 28, 2023.