8 Ways Language Learning Improves Employee Performance!

Language learning

There are many reasons why language learning will be beneficial for your company. Constant globalization, international clients, and technology being some of them.

Businesses that remain culturally aware have leverage against those that don’t. Showcasing the willingness to learn a new language is seen as a sign of respect and is preparing the ground for fruitful partnerships.

Whether you plan to learn Spanish, French, or even German, Lingoda courses offer effective education based on your current or future goals and are sure to help you achieve professional language skills that will help you in your job.

Nowadays, effective communication is essential amongst employees in order to achieve company goals. Language training is able to play a key role in improving a number of employee competencies and their overall performance!

Below, you’ll find 8 ways in which language learning contributes to improving employee performance: 

1. Creativity 

Learning a new language will definitely spark your employee’s creativity. A new language opens the door to a new culture, different ways of thinking, and expressing concepts and ideas. In that sense, your employees will be able to introduce new concepts, products, and ideas. A new language will urge them to be innovative and productive.

Training their mind into making unusual connections through foreign languages will prove to be beneficial in more ways than one.  

2. Empathy 

Another key competency that your employees will improve by learning a new language is empathy. They will gain an increased understanding of how other people’s minds work. Increased empathy is invaluable in business. It’s an interpersonal skill that will help you close many deals and build a respected and personal brand. 

3. International Value 

On that note, learning a new language absolutely adds international value to your company. Imagine welcoming a foreign investor in your company, and your employees greet them in their language! That makes for an impactful and successful first impression that will contribute to introducing whatever deal it is you are planning!

International contacts are extremely important for businesses of the 21st century. That is also the reason why investing in professional translation is important. Hiring a professional from Translate Hub will save you from inefficient communication and inaccuracy! 

4. Teamwork 

Language training can also improve teamwork between your employees. Making language learning fun and bonding activity for your personnel will improve their relationships drastically. It could also improve your company’s culture by promoting understanding, inclusivity, empathy, and effective communication between staff!

A great gesture of inclusivity if you have foreign employees in your organization will be translating some materials, or even making a company guide in their language. Whether it’s a company document or a contract, best translator websites will be able to help you translate anything you’d like with accuracy and professionalism. 

5. Perfect English Language

When we learn a new language, first we translate each word in our minds to make the right connections. Studies have found that when you are learning a new language you start to understand the root of certain words, where they derived from, their history while simultaneously learning new meaning and how they evolved in the language you are learning.

In essence, as soon as your employees start learning a new language, they will immediately show signs of improved English writing and English-speaking skills! 

6. Confidence 

Another great thing language training can offer an individual is confidence. Learning a new language is hard. You have to train your brain into a different syntax, a different way of thinking.

Nailing a new language and effectively communicating will definitely boost your team’s confidence and impact the way they perform at work – taking more initiatives, meeting their targets, and showing a can-do attitude to the challenges they face. 

7. Cognitive Performance 

Employee performance is almost entirely based on their cognitive abilities. Cognitive abilities are the mental capabilities of an individual and include complex idea comprehension, problem-solving, reasoning, etc. Language learning is a great way to train your staff’s memory and concentration.

Switching between two languages requires the usage of a lot of information simultaneously, thus expanding your employee’s mental abilities! 

8. Improve customer understanding 

Last but not least, language learning improves immensely customer understanding by improving the way we perceive the foreign. Through understanding your customers better, your organization can have a number of benefits.

Some of them include optimization of your products, customized marketing strategies according to regions, and finding new ways to establish your brand to your audience! 


Overall, language learning in the workforce is beneficial for more reasons than one. It’s proven to improve employee performance through enhancing their cognitive abilities, training their creativity, improving their English skills, and forging a sustainable and inclusive company culture through empathy and understanding.

Through language learning, your employees will be able to boost the spirit of togetherness, gain confidence and take more initiatives! Lastly, language training in the workforce is something major companies are already investing in right now! Investing in your people is never a lost investment! 

Language learning article and permission to publish here provided by Andrew Mazur. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 27, 2021.