Should Casinos Pay Interest for Delayed Payments?

Delayed Payments

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had your fair share of time spinning the reels, rolling the dice, laying down some cards, or just chilling in those gambling venues or websites.

We’re talking about the glitzy world of gambling, a place where luck can either be your best buddy or your worst enemy, and right in the midst of it all is Fair GO Casino, offering a chance for players to try their luck and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.

A reliable online casino with a rich collection of games, fast payouts and generous bonuses for players. But there’s something that grinds our gears more than a cold streak on a hot machine: the waiting game.

Ever been in that situation where you’ve hit the jackpot, and you’re ready to cash out and pop the champagne, but the casino decides to put on its dancing shoes and take you for a little waltz around before giving you your hard-earned cash?

Some are swift, while others… let’s just say they’d rather watch paint dry than hand over the moolah. Man, all you get in those moments is a big ol’ heap of steamin’ frustration and the blues.

Delayed payments in the casino world

Now, some casinos are quick-draw McGraws: you ask for your moolah and bam, it’s in your pocket. Others might take a day or two, letting you simmer and stew.

But, some sneaky ones, they’re worse than a cowboy with two left boots, declining payments with all sorts of cockamamie excuses. What’s the upshot? Players run to the casino’s ADR or spam gambling forums with their woes.

Just to clarify, we ain’t talking about when the casino’s pushed out the cash, but your bank’s taking its sweet time, and that money’s still MIA.

The Cost of Waiting

Now, here’s the kicker: in the majority of cases, players do eventually get their greenbacks. But the waiting? Man, it can be as long as a month of Sundays.

What’s worse to happen is that some folks, losing hope, end up going bananas, making wild bets, and sadly losing their stash. Either way, it’s a win-win for the casino cause they get to hold onto your cash a little longer, or you lose it all back to them.

The missing piece: the interest

Let’s talk serious business. If you had a buck in the bank and couldn’t use it for a hot minute, the bank would be paying you some interest, that’s how things are. So, if a casino is gonna make you wait, shouldn’t they cough up some interest for the holdup? 

Banks ain’t handing you interest ’cause they’re all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s just Economics 101. But why do casinos get a free pass on this?


Now to the most bitter thing. We hit up Google every which way, deep-dived into a sea of casinos, and squinted our way through the teensiest of T&Cs, but guess what? Not a SINGLE casino out there is coughing up compensation for those lagging payouts.

The top-tier venues? They’re puffing their chests with those snappy instant payments. But the ones dilly-dallying with your dough? They tend to have some other shady shenanigans up their sleeves too.

They’ll pay you later

Besides the foot-dragging we talked about earlier, there’s another sneaky move some of these glitzy gambling joints pull: setting a ceiling on how much you can cash out either weekly or monthly. 

Imagine hitting the jackpot, seeing all those zeros in your account, and then learning you can only take out a teeny tiny fraction every week or month. It’s like having a goldmine but being handed a thimble to collect your riches. 

How dare them

Well, from their POV, it’s about staying out of financial chaos. By capping withdrawals, casinos maintain a healthy cash flow to have enough coin in their coffers for daily operations, other payouts, and of course, the occasional jackpots. It’s their safety net – ensuring they don’t end up with empty pockets if a bunch of high-rollers strike it big all at once.

It’s a tad different from the earlier topic but for players, though, it still is a bit of a pickle. While the delay in payments might be about inefficiency or tactical dilly-dallying, these withdrawal limits are a strategic move, carved in the rulebook, to make sure the casino keeps humming along smoothly. But here we come again: shouldn’t they pay interest for this? Isn’t it only natural?


Where are we at? Casinos are making hay while the sun shines, and us gamblers are getting the short end of the stick. 

There ain’t a law in the books (yet) that calls out these draggy payouts or says they gotta cough up interest. So, really, it’s all about what’s scribbled in the casino’s fine print. And let’s be real, it’s usually not cheering for Team Player.

But hey, don’t let it rain on your parade! Loads of these gambling hotspots toss your cash back the same day, sometimes in a flash, and real-deal delays are like spotting a unicorn.

Plus, with the way casinos are jazzing things up to woo players (not out of the goodness of their hearts, mind you, but to keep those cash registers ringing), don’t be surprised if they start throwing in some perks for late payments down the road.

Looking to the future, a sprinkle of fairness might just come our way. Until then, stay sharp, stay lucky, and always keep one eye on the prize.

Delayed Payments article and permission to publish here provided by Sergei Momontov. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 2, 2023.

Cover photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash