5 Transport Company Services!

Transport Company Services
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Are you looking to hire transport company services? A transport company does far more than taking your shipment from point A to point B. There are many different services that the company can offer.

Here are five different examples of services that are often offered and how you should use them.

Service #1: Express Services

 It’s often assumed that large freight deliveries have to take several days to weeks to get to their destinations. For standard deliveries, that’s definitely the case. However, most transport companies offer rush delivery services for additional fees.

 They can deliver on the same day or overnight if it’s necessary. It will also depend on the distance that the truck will need to cover. Some companies will also offer air and even rail shipping services if you need to make sure that your shipment gets to the destination as quickly as possible.

Service #2: Logistical Services

 There are many things that you have to take care of when it comes to managing your shipment. The logistical challenges include protecting your cargo, making multiple stops for pick-ups and drop-offs, and connecting with different delivery channels (air, rail, etc.).

 A reliable transport company will handle all the logistics for you. They can help protect your cargo with tarping and other protective materials/equipment. They can manage the different connection points if you’re bringing in goods from overseas. You can rely on them to resolve all your logistical challenges.

 Service #3: Technology Services

 Another service that many transport companies offer is technology services that keep track of and manage your data. Companies can keep track of your invoicing data, record receipts, and even offer digital signatures for your clients. This removes the need for you to manage your data manually.

 When looking for a transport company, you want to see if they have a platform to manage the data you need properly. Their staff should also be trained on how to collect and store the data. Other technology services include updated schedules, optimizing routes, and more.

 Service #4: Various Delivery Services

 Are you in need of specific delivery services? Transport companies can do more than just deliver your shipment. They can deliver according to a set appointment, perform cash on delivery service, and multi-route drop-offs/pick-ups and provide white glove services

 These are all services you may need if you are serving your customers in unique ways or trying to make the logistics work for multiple parties. What’s more, most of these services only add a small charge to your overall shipping bill. They can resolve your logistical headaches for a small fee.

 Service #5: Help You Secure Better Insurance Rates

 It’s often assumed that the transport company automatically offers insurance. There might be a limited amount of coverage, so it’s up to you to purchase more extensive coverage for your shipment. Fortunately, the transport company can help you find affordable insurance rates, or check a blog post on Military car shipping.

 They work with many clients and have connections to insurance companies that deal with transport. As a result, you’ll find far better rates working with them rather than trying to find a coverage plan yourself.

Transport Company Services

 These five transport company services make up a small list of services that a transport company can offer. You’ll be surprised at what other services that companies can offer to their clients. Working with the right company can make every process of inventory management, invoicing, and deliveries easier.

 You want to think about what kind of services you would need before you start looking into the different companies from there. You want to see which companies offer the services you need and know how to execute the various jobs properly.

Transport company services article and permission to publish here provided by Saheer Gurjot. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on December 4, 2020.

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