What Types of Gamers Are There?

Types of Gamers

The number of people that play video games regularly is estimated to be 3.4 billion. If players come from all walks of life, does that mean there is only one sort of gamer, or are there variations among them and different types of gamers? 

The general public assumes gamers are a homogenous group because everybody who enjoys playing video games may readily be categorized as a gamer. But that is entirely not the case!

There are many types of gamers, and this article will look at those types. 

Casual Gamer 

The characteristics of a “casual” (recreational) player include being less impulsive and more confident in oneself. As a hobby that complements their other passions and pastimes, video gaming is something they regularly engage in. Neither the entertainment value nor the release from stress that may be found in gaming is enough to keep them coming back for more.

The Achiever 

High-achieving people tend to be confident and quick to act on their impulses. They care more about playing well than socializing, relaxing, or role-playing. They have difficulty saying no to the instant gratification they get from gaming because they lack self-control. 

An achiever has a healthy sense of self-worth, so they play not to raise it but to improve their skills. They usually do what is required by the game’s rules to become expert players. For instance, if they’re playing Texas hold ’em, they’ll familiarize themselves with and adhere to Texas hold’em rules.

Mobile Gamers

Mobile gamers like playing video games on their mobile devices rather than personal computers. Regular activities include playing mobile games like Candy Crush Saga and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Such a player can play video games whenever and wherever they like, thanks to the widespread availability of digital entertainment.

Yet, many players appreciate mobile gaming for its flexibility and convenience and see no adverse effects. There is a good chance that people playing video games on their mobile devices also fit into the various gamers discussed in this article.

Social Gamer

This player tends to be less impulsive than the average gamer; therefore, they aren’t compelled to play games in an unhealthy manner. The social aspects of gaming and the fun of role-playing that can be had with custom-made avatars are significant draws for these people. Yet, most of these people are not actively seeking to conceal their true identities.

The Escaper

Escapers use the immersive nature of games as a form of therapy when they’re feeling down. Their primary motivation is not to improve their gaming skills but rather to distract themselves from real-life problems. They may have experienced a traumatic event that has led to their gaming habits.

The Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore gamers have characteristics of both escapers and high achievers. They play for the sense of accomplishment and the chance to escape reality, though role-playing is also a significant component of their gaming experience. 

These gamers are prone to rash decisions and lack self-control due to their inflated sense of self-worth and impulsive nature. They have an enhanced sense of identity thanks to their standing in the online gaming community and the rewards it can bring.


All of the above types of gamers, or some subset of them, might make up a gamification setting. Investigating the player base thoroughly will reveal the most common player profiles, allowing you to tailor your services better to meet their requirements.

The more gaming companies learn about their target audience, the more they can tailor designs to individual preferences.

Types of Gamers article and permission to publish here provided by Anna Martyushev. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on March 2, 2023.