Vue.js Benefits for Developers!


Since its release in 2016, not everyone has dared to use the framework to work on their projects. Over a long period of transformation and development, Vue.js has gained many advantages, including ease of integration, easy-to-learn documentation, and efficiency.

It should be noted that many frameworks work on the basis of JS. The same React and Angular also use JavaScript technology as the main syntax of the program code. In this, all frames are the same.

Only such platforms as Angular position themselves as full-fledged platforms with a wide range of features. It is characteristic that scale does not always become an advantage. In the constant race to become more competitive, sometimes a balanced and specific approach is the best solution. That is, to stay in a highly specialized niche means it is better to focus on a specific task. Every Vue Js developer knows this principle.

By the way, the real giants of the IT industry are behind React and Angular. React is the brainchild of FaceBook, and behind Angular is the most powerful player in the Internet technology market – Google. Moreover, if the FaceBook team created React as a solution for rendering user interface components in the face of a huge number of user records, Google was largely guided by the interests of counterbalancing the influence of a progressive social network.

What is the essence of Vue.js?

Vue.js developers used a tricky and somewhat non-standard promotion technique to popularize their offspring. Since its release in 2016, Vue.js has created the most user-friendly and detailed documentation in Chinese. In China, English is very popular. But China is a large territory, and programmers still communicate with each other in their native language.

As a result, it was much easier for young developers in China to master Vue.js, because the documentation did not need to be translated. Over time, the national projects of the Celestial Empire began to expand the scale. And the now-famous Vue.js has grown with them.

From a layman’s point of view, Vue.js is a practical and modern JavaScript-based framework for developing UI snippets and mobile apps. With its options, extensions, and simple architecture, Vue.js quickly gained popularity. Today, the application is used in their projects by such giants as Adobe and Xiaomi.

According to the developers, Vue.js was created in order to become a simplified version of Angular. It must be admitted that the creators have fulfilled their task. Most programmers find Vue.js easier to learn than Angular. At the same time, more than half of the respondents consider performance to be one of the strengths of the framework.

Pros of Vue.js

Vue.js has many advantages over other alternatives:

1. Ease of use. This is perhaps the most important advantage. Ease can be traced from the start of work, the application is quickly installed and does not take up much space.

2. Accelerated updating of DOM components. When the user interacts with the page, such as entering data into a feedback form, the page components change their shape. In this case, the client device must update the information on the monitor. The catch is that this process is somewhat burdensome and time-consuming. Vue.js allows you to speed up the virtual updating of the component model on the browser side, which technically leads to an increase in page refresh speed.

3. Easy to learn. In general, complex programs rarely catch on. Vue.js is great for beginners and easy to understand thanks to the detailed documentation. According to experienced developers, using Vue.js requires knowledge of the basics of HTML and JavaScript.

4. Flexibility and versatility. To work with Vue.js code, you only need JS components. Besides, if the programmer wants to switch to another platform, this will not be a problem. The principles of functioning of Vue.js are similar to Angular or React. Offshore software development services provided as quickly as possible.

Vue.js is great for small startups that need to bring dynamics, add new interface fragments or authorization modules. Along with this, the application is easily scalable and can be used to perform various local tasks in large projects.

Vue.js article and permission to publish here provided by Mariusz Gradon. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 14, 2022.

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