The 5 Best Business Related Majors!

Business Related Majors

In recent decades, business degrees have become one of the most versatile degrees in the world, applicable to almost any sector, from corporate to entrepreneurial settings. They have always been highly relevant to modern business markets and will continue to be so as long as businesses exist.

Students with business related majors have the opportunity to diversify their education with a broad range of career options. They can contribute to various business settings due to the knowledge and skills they gain.

An excellent understanding of business opens up many opportunities for business students as they learn how to plan, organize, and solve problems, quantify data and assess the financial impact of decisions.

List of Business Related Majors You Can Opt For

It’s no secret that business related majors are versatile and can lead to various specialized degree programs spanning areas such as technology, sales, finance, and healthcare. So, choosing one while keeping the business landscape in focus can help you stand out in today’s competitive business world. 

By pursuing a business major, you can develop critical thinking abilities, improve collaboration skills, and learn how to approach complex workplace challenges holistically.

Here is a list of business related majors you can use as a guide to determine which business degree program best suits you and your interests.

1. Supply Chain

Does the behind-the-scenes process of grocery shopping intrigue you? Does seeing a new mart location pop up make you wonder why? Do you find manufacturing fascinating despite its complexity? If so, it may be a good idea for you to become a supply chain manager.

Supply chain management monitors the procurement of raw materials, logistics, and manufacturing of nearly every sector of our economy. A supply chain MBA combines business administration courses with supply chain management specializations to provide a professional master’s degree. 

It equips students with how to use analytics to enhance operational efficiency and add competitive advantage by streamlining inadequacies, decreasing costs, and increasing revenue. As an in-demand field with significant potential for growth, it also offers an excellent way to add to your business knowledge and stand out on a resume.

2. Accounting

In every business, accounting is the backbone, so it always stays in demand. Getting accountancy courses expand your skillset and boost your accounting skills. This unique combination of accounting and business skills can allow you to pursue a broader range of careers.

Specialization in accounting enhances your ability to analyze complex corporate problems from a global perspective while developing managerial and leadership skills. This enables you to take on challenging roles such as accountant, account manager, auditor, budget analyst, payroll staff manager, management accountant, or credit analyst. 

Accounting has a long history of stability. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for accountants look bright. So, it is an excellent decision to pursue a major in accounting, as it can lead to higher earning potential, low career volatility, and advancement opportunities.

3. Finance

The master key to any business is finance, whether it is just starting up, expanding the existing one, or launching a new product. This makes it an integral part of all industries, from advertising, consulting, and real estate to IT and education. Since every industry needs to keep records of investment details, cash flow, and salary payments, having a solid understanding of financial management is a must. 

An MBA in Finance equips one with the required skills to manage funds constructively and utilize them most efficiently. A finance degree helps students establish a solid career foundation, opening the door to many options in the fields of business, investment, insurance, banking, and stock exchange, among others.

In this vast industry, there is a wide range of job roles to choose from, both for the public and private sectors. The most common are financial analysts, budget experts, financial advisors, and credit risk analysts. 

4. Human Resources

Do you have an interest in managing an organization’s workforce? Do you enjoy conducting employee training and development sessions? Can you negotiate compensation with prospective employees? If yes, then MBA in human resources may be the right choice for you. 

However, it comes with many challenges in the modern business world. Globalization, technological advancements, and demographic shifts have all forced organizations to undergo significant changes, dramatically impacting every field, including human resources.

This requires HR professionals to think, operate, and engage differently. They need to manage new challenges and navigate new expectations, requiring new skills and a flexible approach to work.

Getting a professional degree is the first step to effectively dealing with all these issues. It not only teaches you the intricacies of human resource management but also prepares you well for dealing with employee-related issues. 

MBA graduates can take advantage of lucrative career opportunities with well-reputed companies across a wide range of industries. The top positions they can take on completion are HR manager, HR specialist, or employee relations manager.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital media is growing at an exponential rate, so traditional methods of marketing are heading online. From big companies to local shops, everyone uses digital platforms today. Consequently, the demand for digital marketing professionals is proliferating.

Students majoring in digital marketing are trained to formulate comprehensive digital marketing strategies by enhancing their creative abilities and expanding their online knowledge of marketing products and services. It enables them to gain a deeper understanding of leveraging online media tactics like content, social media, search engine, and email marketing to build brand awareness and expand their customer base. 

The rise of social media and online platforms is leading to increased digital marketing in the coming years. As the online market continues to evolve, businesses, firms, and organizations will be hiring more digital marketers to gain a competitive advantage.

With bright employment prospects, among the many job roles available are brand manager, social media manager, content marketing manager, digital marketing consultant, and advertising specialist.

Final Thoughts

Among all master’s degrees conferred, business is the most common major, and business graduates are the most sought-after.

There is a high demand for business graduates in nearly every industry, and pursuing a degree and business related majors puts them at the forefront of a competitive job market and on the fast track to success. 

Business related majors article and permission to publish here provided by Lisa Jackson. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on January 27, 2023.