Recognizing Supply Chain Visionaries: Celebrating Excellence at the Leaders in Supply Chain Awards 2023!

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Supply chain excellence, also known as the nervous system of global companies, got into the spotlight during the troubled years of the pandemic. Not only that there has been a general increase in knowledge and awareness of what supply chains are, but the industry accelerated digital transformation on all pillars: plan, source, make, deliver, and recycle. 

The individuals leading large supply chain organizations are constantly confronted with disruptions and transformations while accomplishing the customer promise made by the companies they serve, and their efforts deserve recognition.

Alcott Global, an executive search company, honors and celebrates the remarkable contributions of supply chain leaders worldwide, through the annual Leaders in Supply Chain Awards.

In supply chain management there are various metrics of excellence, usually assessed at the company level, or the department level, the Leaders in Supply Chain Awards recognizes the individuals who have made significant strides in digitizing operationsdriving decarbonization and sustainability efforts, and fostering diverse and equitable environments within their supply chain teams.

With a diverse pool of nominees from across the globe, this year’s awards promise to showcase exemplary leaders who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in the supply chain industry.

Nomination and Global Representation: Supply chain practitioners from around the world participated in the nomination process, submitting their choices for outstanding leaders who have positively impacted their organizations and the broader supply chain community in the past year.

Nominations were open during April-May and resulted in an impressive 228 top industry professionals being nominated. These nominees represent 206 companies spanning 26 countries, with North America contributing 45% of the nominations, followed by Europe at 35%, and the remaining 20% from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.

Evaluation Criteria and Case Studies: Following the nominations, all eligible nominees are invited to submit detailed case studies showcasing their achievements until June 30th, 2023.

These case studies are expected to provide supporting evidence and highlight the leaders’ impact on various aspects, including personal philosophy, team dynamics, company performance, customer satisfaction, supplier relationships, and industry advancements.

Emphasis is also placed on successful digital transformation stories, demonstrating excellence in planning, execution, and visibility within physical or information processes. Notably, projects with significant environmental impact, social responsibility, equity, circularity, renewables, and waste reduction are highly regarded. Moreover, breakthroughs in a diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, and personality types are also taken into account.

Virtual Awards Ceremony and Industry Expert Jury: The much-anticipated awards ceremony will take place on September 12, 2023, as a virtual event broadcast. The event will bring together esteemed supply chain professionals from around the world to celebrate the achievements of the industry’s brightest minds.

Radu Palamariu, the Managing Director at Alcott Global, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “The supply chain industry is full of amazing success stories of individuals and teams who keep the world moving. Leaders in Supply Chain Awards is recognizing and rewarding the leaders in the supply chain industry who inspire their teams, adopt digital technologies, constantly innovate in sustainability, are great leaders, and achieve business goals.”

The winners of the Leaders in Supply Chain Awards 2023 will be determined through comprehensive evaluations and assessments conducted by a distinguished panel of industry experts. This jury consists of renowned professionals such as Daniel Stanton, Deborah Dull, Sheri Hinish, Beth Morgan, and Radu Palamariu, all of whom possess extensive experience and expertise in supply chain management and sustainability.

The Leaders in Supply Chain Awards 2023 not only serve as a platform for acknowledging accomplished leaders but also offer unparalleled opportunities for engagement with leading supply chain experts worldwide. It provides a unique avenue for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, enabling professionals to connect with visionaries who are shaping the future of the industry.

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Article and permission to publish here provided by Claudia Marta. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on August 11, 2023.