How to Keep Your Car Looking Younger for Longer!

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Unfortunately, cars don’t last forever. Whether that’s wear and tear over time or an accident on the road that ends up writing the car off for good. Keeping your car looking younger for longer is something worth doing, especially if you’ve had the car for a good amount of time now.

It’s not always about appearance to everyone but being able to do a little update to your car to make it look a little newer than it might be in reality is always beneficial to the health of the car.

Whether it’s washing the car regularly to prevent rust to getting any scuffs or dents seen to, here are some top tips to keep your car looking younger for longer.

Consider wrapping the car

Wrapping the car is a great suggestion if you want a quick-fix solution. Of course, car wrapping can be expensive but the world is truly your oyster when it comes to making choices on what type of color or texture you want to display on the exterior surface of your car.

Car wrapping has become extremely popular in recent years and is a great way to reset the exterior’s appearance with a shiny new coat. While painting the car might also be an option, car wrapping is often a better-suited one for those who want to be able to switch up the color or texture of the car in a shorter space of time.

This type of approach to changing the exterior of your car is not always preferred but it’s worth exploring if you’ve never wrapped your car before, or you’ve not heard of car wrapping previously.

Correct any scuffs or dents

Scuffs and dents are something you’ll want to correct when it comes to the appearance of the car. A brand new car can look like it’s aged years when it has any degree of scuffs or dents on its exterior.

These scuffs and dents can happen, whether that’s by accident or on purpose. However, a lot of them are easily fixed if you’re willing to pay the money to get it sorted. Remember that some dents can also influence the safety of the car, which is why it’s important to get them fixed if you’re able to.

Find yourself a great car engineer locally who will be able to correct those scuffs or dents with ease and moving forward, try to avoid parking or driving in a way that could lead to more damage.

Get private plates

Private plates are a great way to make your car appear younger than it actually is because they can help disguise the year in which your car was manufactured. With private plates, you’ve got the ability to also customize your car further by choosing numbers and letters that perhaps relate to a certain nickname or family name that you go by.

It’s a little touch to the car’s appearance that might not immediately be noticed but can certainly make a big difference when you want to keep the car’s age a mystery from those around you. With personalized plates, it’s a fun way to update your car if it’s in need of a little change.

Private plates are fairly easy to get and there are plenty of sites that sell them online for a fair price. Of course, there are some that are very expensive, so it’s worth experimenting with the format of your plate to make it more affordable where needed.

Upgrade your tires

Tires are something that are worth replacing on your car every so often. While it’s useful to have car tires that last for years, depending on the usage of the car, along with general wear and tear, that’s not always the case.

When it comes to upgrading your tires, take a look at what tires are best suited for your car but for the current weather conditions or driving conditions, your car faces every day. Some cars might need tires that are adaptable for multiple terrains, whereas if you live in the city, you might not need to be so fussy with your selection.

Upgrading your tires can give that brand-new feel to your car, so it’s certainly worth updating them once your old tires have seen better days.

Get it cleaned regularly

Your car should be something you spruce up regularly when it comes to keeping it clean. Try to avoid letting it go without an exterior or interior wash for too long. Exterior-wise, the more dirt and debris that ends up on the car, is more likely it is to lead to rust and that can dramatically reduce the shelf life of the car itself.

It’s worth getting a car hoover and bin that will be helpful when it comes to keeping the car clean.

Upholster any old interior fabrics

Upholstering any old interior fabrics is something worth doing when the interior seats become a little outdated or have started to tear. It can really make a difference by upholstering any seats that have seen better days.

Of course, if you’re upholstering one, then it’s best to do the same to the rest, even if some are still in good condition. That is unless you can find the right fabric that matches up to the current fabric.

Be wary of where you keep your car parked

Where do you currently keep your car parked? This is important to consider because a lot of damage can be caused by parking your car in the wrong spot. Try to find somewhere sheltered, ideally on your own driveway if that’s available. 

Where it’s not, make sure it’s not parked near any falling debris, such as trees or near other properties that might damage the car by accident. It might be worth investing in a car parking spot, ideally sheltered from the outside.

Keeping your car looking younger from the outside, in, is important, so use these tips to make sure you do exactly that for your car, no matter how young or old it currently is.

Article and permission to publish here provided by FATJOE Publishing. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on October 11, 2023.

Cover photo by Jose Carbajal on Unsplash