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Flash Soccer

Flash soccer is a must-have virtual sport in any sportsbook and gambling operator’s portfolio for its exceptional ability to drive interaction and increase revenue. It is a fast-paced game with flexible bet selection, allowing players to achieve instant exciting experiences.

The flash soccer scores are updated continuously, minimizing the waiting time of players. Punters, instead, can participate in consecutive bets with results displayed in a flash of seconds. Find out about the exciting features and potential markets of this arousing simulated game in the article below.

How does Flash Soccer work?

 Flash Soccer virtual sports game simulates the 20 top-tier clubs competing in the English Premier League, providing exciting experience for gamblers when betting on their favorite team, just like in real football. Punters place their bets and receive their winnings at the cashier of the betting establishment that they in-person participate in.

The simulated teams competed in a 30-week season, in fact, within a few hours. The duration of each match is brief, and the results are displayed immediately 40 seconds after the start of each round. Another round will take place almost instantly after and allow bets without fans spending hours of waiting. Many popular betting possibilities are offered and real-time football scores are updated after every round.

Clearly, this game is not only suitable for one-time bettors but also a favorite choice for many gamblers who have a long-term betting strategy. The game is also powered with modern and innovative technology, making the visuals come alive, with commentary and sound in the stands, smooth processing suitable for the fast paced of each match.

Perhaps that’s why Flash Soccer is always the “star” in gambling activities at actual land-based gambling shops and establishments.

What are some key attributions of Flash Soccer?

The fact that Flash Soccer is the top bet sports game choice in land-based gambling establishments is indisputable. Some of the salient features of this game will be reviewed below, showing the appeal of Flash Soccer to players, as well as to most operators who are looking for solutions to diversify their offerings for loyal gamblers and attract potential customers.

Swift results

The most considerable advantage of Flash Soccer compared to other games in the sports betting products line is the rapid speed of presenting results. Players get the Flash Soccer scores right after the first 40 seconds of each round.

Instead of waiting for hours, the thrill and excitement are increased for players who are keen to know the outcomes of the ongoing matches and plan quickly for the coming games.

Diverse betting markets

As a leading sports betting game, Flash Soccer caters from novice bettors to the most demanding gamblers, thanks to its attractive and varied betting options. Participants can bet on popular markets, any element of the match, and any club of their choice.

Not only that, Flash Soccer gives those who interact with it the ability to place wagers on both Single and Multiple bets.

Long-term betting strategy

In addition to betting on single and multiple bets on a single match, players with betting strategies based on the overall and long-term performance of clubs can choose to bet for the entire season. This advanced selection makes the game more thrilling and exciting and at the same time, promotes wise and thoughtful betting strategies.

Two types of exclusive jackpots

Overall experience of betting with Flash Soccer is taken to the next level as it offers not just one, but two jackpots. Immersing yourself in a world of live actions, realism and excitement with more chances to win big than ever is undoubtedly hard for any sports gambler to resist.

What possible bets can be placed in Flash Soccer?

The ability to customize betting options to suit a wide range of bettors, preferences and strategies is what will make any betting game so appealing to players. Flash Soccer delights retail gamblers with its flexible and diverse betting markets.

Selection bets:

·         Bet 1X2 (full time and half time)

Players can bet on 3 possibilities for the final outcomes, include: 

–          1 is equivalent to the home team winning

–          2 is equivalent to the away team winning

–          X represents a draw between the two teams. 

This is by far the traditional and the most popular type of football bet.

A decent variation of this bet type with the same method but applicable to first half results.

·         Double chance

With the double chance option, the risk of losing the bet is halved because the player is allowed to bet on a pair of potential outcomes – which means that if one of the two possibilities happens, the bettor wins.

The potential resulting pair may include:

–          1X: home team wins, or two teams draw

–          12: either home or away team will win

–          2X: away win or a tie

Exact bets:

·         Exact goals: A Flash Soccer match takes place within minutes, with scoring opportunities for both teams up to 6 goals. In this bet type, the player needs to correctly predict the total number of goals scored by both teams from 0 to 6.

·         Exact scores: different from target bets, in this bet type, to win the bet, gamblers must accurately predict the correct scores between the two teams, with the exact number of goals resulted by each team. For example: 1-3, 2-0…

·         First goal: If the player puts wagers on the team that brings home the first goal in the match, he wins this bet.

Least bets:

·         Total Goals: The person choosing this bet relies their luck on comparing the total goals scored by both teams with a specified indicator selected. Common indicators are 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and 4.5. For example: The punter chose 1.5, it means that he predicts at least 2 goals will be scored during the match, regardless of which team. If the final result shows that the sum of the two teams’ points is from 2, he wins the deal.  

·         Over and under 2.5: Same as the previous described bet, but the player bets with a defined indicator of 2.5.

·         Minimum score of two teams: Instead of the total number of goals as above, in this market, players will predict whether there will be a goal scored by each team, regardless of the specific number of goals. GG indicates that both teams are expected to score at least one goal each, while NG reveals that one of the two will keep their sheet clean.  


Handicap is an the most interesting bet option that can increase the odds and make the outcome more unpredictable and emotional. Before the match starts, one of the two teams will be predicted by the bookie to have an advantage over the other team. Bettors on the supposedly stronger team will give the weaker team 1 goal lead and it will influence the final result.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Nazarii Sotnichenko. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on November 15, 2023.

Cover image by 51581 from Pixabay