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Armco Barriers

Warehouses can be a minefield for damage and injury if the proper risk assessments are not carried out and the correct protection is not subsequently put in place to prevent such issues from occurring. This is why you need Armco Barriers.

In an age of increased litigation, budgetary constrictions and affordability costs growing even tighter, it has become more important than ever to ensure the right health and safety measures are evident in any industrial environment, in addition to solid and stable protection of machinery, equipment, stock and the structure of the warehouse itself.

So what makes the warehouse such a dangerous place? Well, for starters, imagine the scene. Workers mixing freely among pallet racking and shelving stacked high with stock, while forklift trucks wind their way around the warehouse, moving said stock to all the places it needs to be.

Then there are the HGVs which move into the loading bays, for warehouse workers to load and unload stock and these vehicles must be able to manoeuvre safely, without the risk of collision, injury to personnel and damage.

Space is at a premium in a warehouse and all it takes is one wayward forklift to collide with some shelving and send it crashing expensively to the ground with a ton of stock in its wake. And who’s to say where, or on whom it might land…

Except that would not happen if Armco Barriers were in place around the shelving to stop the forklift in its tracks.

Demonstrate Safety Awareness

Having warehouse barrier protection installed to clearly define areas where heavy machinery is allowed shows that you have consciously tried to minimize the chance of any accidents or damage occurring. It might be fair to assume that forklifts just won’t go where they’re not supposed to and think that shelving and equipment is big enough to be clearly seen.

But that’s assuming the humans that drive them will always get it right. In a busy environment such as a warehouse, which is often running 24 hours per day, concentration and awareness can slip and accidents can happen – which they often do.

Human error can lead to costly damage and it’s the likelihood of accidents occuring which should never be underestimated – in no small part due to the costs that come about as a result.

When a forklift truck collides with workers or equipment in a warehouse environment, it can mean a great deal of problems, from production down time and loss of stock at best, to serious injury, loss of life and subsequent legal action at worst.

How Tough is Armco Barrier Protection Really?

Armco crash barriers are incredibly versatile for use all over a warehouse environment. They can withstand all sorts of impact from moving vehicles, travelling at all kinds of speed and give warehouse management teams peace of mind that important equipment, stock, shelving, racking and personnel are in safe hands.

Armco Safety Bollards

Corrugated steel Armco barriers are galvanised to BS 1461 standards and made from 100% recyclable steel. This means that the solid steel structure of the Armco Barrier remains virtually unbreakable and will not be weakened by exposure to harsh elements. Galvanisation will increase its lifespan too.

Armco Barriers are so versatile, that they can easily safeguard end of pallet racking (with metal mesh) aisles, picking aisles, shelving, expensive machinery and wall structures, withstanding all manner of tremendous impacts, and ensuring the continued wellbeing of the products and people they protect.

The height of the barriers can be customised to be the correct height and size to ward off the serious effects of a heavy impact, depending on how and where in the warehouse they’re used.

Armco Safety Barrier

At Armco Direct, for example, we have four different heights of warehouse safety barrier available:

● 560mm high – these are used internally, in buildings such as warehouses, to protect from forklifts and vehicles with low ground clearance.
● 610mm high – the industry standard height beam, which can be used in places such as car parks to protect against SUVs and other vehicles.
● 760mm high – to protect against impact from HGVs, in places such as loading bays and other areas where there are big vehicles.
● 1100mm high – again to resist impact from HGVs, these can be used to protect fuel tanks, water tanks on building sites and offer extra protection as double barriers

Importance of Health and Safety in the Workplace

When it comes to protecting people and expensive equipment, the risks can never be underestimated or taken lightly.

Often the reasons behind accidents and collisions which occur in a warehouse, or similar environment, are down to lack of risk awareness and wayward vehicles straying into places where they shouldn’t be. And this can happen because inadequate plans are in place to stop it happening, or minimise damage if it does.

According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), every year, there are over 5000 accidents involving transport in the workplace. About 50 of these result in fatalities.

The main causes of injury are people falling off vehicles, or being struck or crushed by them.

Employers and contractors have duties under health and safety law to protect anyone who might be present in a warehouse (also to ensure they can be clearly seen). As such, the HSE advises that suitable traffic management arrangements should be made to control pedestrian access, separate people from vehicles and control vehicle movements.

Warehouse managers must also assess the skill levels of people who drive the heavy machinery and provide them with information which enables a good understanding of vehicle and pedestrian routes and the risks involved.

Areas of a Warehouse Where Armco Barriers Might Be Used

So, we’ve established the importance of having warehouse barrier protection, but where would this be best utilised?

There are many places in a warehouse where Armco Barrier protection might be the sensible solution:

● Mark out areas where it’s safe for pedestrians to go
● Protect warehouse stock from damage
● To protect shelving and pallet racking from impact and subsequent damage or collapse
● Column and wall protection to avoid undermining the stability of the warehouse structure
● To guide HGVs in a loading bay correctly
● To offer conveyor belt protection


Made of heavy duty, corrugated steel, Armco Barriers offer a non intrusive and simple, yet solid, highly visible, solution which will help protect the warehouse workforce, while safeguarding warehouse stock and equipment, not only from damage, but also from everyday wear and tear, scuffs and scrapes.

Warehouse managers can benefit from the peace of mind that they’re minimising risk of costly damage and complying with certain health and safety regulations.

In addition to their sturdiness, barriers are also painted bright yellow to ensure that they’re easily seen. After all, prevention is better than the cure – and if they can act as a deterrent that stops a forklift being damaged as a result of a collision with a protective Armco Barrier, then this has to be a good thing!

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