9 Ideas to Upgrade Your Work Lunch!

Work Lunch

Spring is a great time to start fresh and change your daily routine positively. One area that could use a little upgrade is your work lunch. If you’re tired of the same old sandwich or salad, here are some creative ideas to help you upgrade your midday meal.

1. Meal Prep For the Week

Spend a few hours preparing your meals for the week on Sunday, and you’ll have healthy and delicious options ready to go. You can make a batch of brown rice or quinoa, roasted vegetables, and grilled chicken, then mix and match them throughout the week for different meals. This saves you time during your busy week, and it will help you save money on takeout.

2. Buy Healthy Prepared Meals

If you don’t have the time (or desire) to meal prep or cook your own meals, another option is to buy healthy prepared meals. Many grocery stores and meal delivery services offer pre-made meals that are healthy, convenient, and delicious. Look for options made with whole, unprocessed ingredients and low in sodium and added sugars. You can also look for meals high in protein and fiber to help keep you satisfied.

3. Swap Your Sandwich for a Wrap

If you’re tired of your go-to recipes, try swapping them out for a wrap. Wraps are a great alternative to bread and can be filled with any ingredients your heart desires. You can use a tortilla, lettuce leaves, or even collard greens to wrap up your favorite ingredients. Try filling your wrap with grilled chicken, hummus, vegetables, and avocado for a healthy and filling lunch.

4. Add Protein to Your Salad

If you’re a salad lover but are getting hungry soon after lunch, try adding protein to your salad to increase feelings of fullness (and to stay full for longer.. Chicken, tofu, or hard-boiled eggs are great options to add to your salad to make it more filling. You can also add nuts, seeds, or beans for some extra protein and crunch. Don’t forget to add a healthy dressing to your salad to make it more flavorful.

5. Make a Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowls are a great way to upgrade your work lunch. They are filled with healthy ingredients like vegetables, grains, and protein and can be customized however you want. Start with a base of quinoa, brown rice, or mixed greens, then add your favorite toppings like roasted vegetables, grilled chicken, tofu, or chickpeas. Don’t forget to add a healthy dressing or sauce for extra flavor.

6. Try a New Soup Recipe

Soup is a great option for a healthy and filling lunch. Try making a new soup recipe each week to mix things up. You can make a big batch over the weekend and enjoy it throughout the week. Some great soup options for spring include minestrone, vegetable, and chicken noodle soup. Don’t forget to add whole-grain bread or crackers on the side for extra crunch.

7. Pack a Fruit and Nut Snack

If you are getting hungry between meals, pack a fruit and nut snack to satisfy you throughout the day. Apples and almond butter, bananas and peanut butter, or trail mix are yummy options to snack on during the day. This will help you avoid the vending machine or the office candy bowl’s many temptations.

8. Upgrade Your Leftovers

If you like to bring leftovers for lunch, try upgrading them to make them more exciting. For example, if you have leftover grilled chicken and vegetables, turn them into a stir-fry by adding rice and soy sauce. If you have leftover quinoa and roasted vegetables, turn them into a Buddha bowl by adding protein and a healthy dressing.

9. Make a Sandwich on Whole-Grain Bread

If you’re a sandwich lover, try upgrading your sandwich by using whole-grain bread. Whole-grain bread is healthier than white bread and will keep you feeling full longer. Fill your sandwich with healthy ingredients like avocado, grilled chicken, and vegetables. Don’t forget to add a healthy spread like hummus or mustard for added flavor.

Love Your Lunch

Upgrading your work lunch doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. By trying some of these ideas, you can make your lunch healthier, more filling, and more exciting. Whether you’re a salad lover or a sandwich enthusiast, there are plenty of options. Get creative and try a new recipe or two while you’re at it! You might be surprised how much you enjoy these new lunch options.

Article and permission to publish here provided by Nikki Gabriel. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 17, 2023.